May 31, 2023

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Restaurante Litoral Portuguese Cuisine Macao

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Restaurante Litoral Portuguese Cuisine Macao

Restaurante Litoral is one of the few Portuguese restaurants I have dined in Macau and it has a good reputation as one of the top Portuguese restaurants in the city. There are many amazing Portuguese restaurants as Macau was once ruled by Portugal and there are still many Portuguese descendants around. In fact most of the restaurants have a Portuguese name and same goes the name of the streets. If you really want to taste the local Macanese food, you should try their Portuguese food.

I was there for a media trip with AirAsia and Macau Government Tourist Office as one of the AirAsia Bloggers Community.

The restaurant is located at 261, Rua do Almirante Sergio and it is very near the Ah Ma Temple. There is another two popular Portuguese restaurants in the area too.

It is a typical Portuguese décor restaurant and they offer a very cozy dining experience. It has won many awards and it can be seen as they boast it on one of their walls.

Since I have not tasted any good Portuguese food in the past, I was very excited for their food. Together with the rest of the media and bloggers, we had a feast!


Squid with Vinegar

Squid with Vinegar is slices of squid and compliment with vinegar and sliced onion. It is very refreshing and a great starter.


Plate of Clams

Plate of Clams is similar to Malaysia’s Lala (a type of clam) with Superior Soup or “Shiong tong” la la. You can definitely taste the hint of the white wine in the soup. The clams are reasonably large in size and this should be popular among Asians especially Malaysians and Singaporeans. I am not sure why they call it plate of clams since it is in a pot?


Shrimp soup with loaf

Shrimp soup with loaf is something you look forward to. This is shrimp soup in the bread and you won’t be disappointed with the thick shrimp soup. The concept is similar to Kampar’s Curry Chicken in the loaf.


African Chicken

African Chicken is one weird name for this dish. The only thing that reminds me of African Chicken is Nandos and this is nothing close to that. I find this oily but flavourful especially with turmeric. Strangely I feel the taste is similar to the “yellow turmeric” chicken back home.


Curry Crab

Curry Crab comes with thick curry sauce and as a crab lover, I don’t mind having another plate of this.


Grilled Short Ribs

Grilled Short Ribs is grilled to perfection. Stop counting the calories and you will enjoy this.


Baked Duck Rice

Baked Duck Rice is a unique dish. It comes in a pot with rice and duck meat cooked together and topped with slices of sausages and bacon. The oil from the sausage and bacon will enhance the flavour of the rice and it makes fragrant. This is a must order food.

Overall, the food is good and that’s why they are packed during our visit there. Since it is a sponsored dinner, I am not sure the price of the food.

My advice for those who are planning to visit Macau, please try some Portuguese food and you have no regrets. This could be one of the restaurants you can go and try.

This post is sponsored by Macau Government Tourist Office. Fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Macau via AirAsia. For more info, visit


Restaurante Litoral Portuguese Cuisine Macao Address and Contact:

261 Rua do Almirante Sergio, Macau
Tel: +853 2896 7878


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