December 3, 2023


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Sydney Jet Darling Harbour Experience

There is an experience you want to explore in Darling Harbour. It is a mixture of thrill, fun and wet. Thus, it is the Sydney Jet Experience.

The Sydney Jet experience is an adrenalin rush and heart pumping experience to offer not just fast boat ride but scenic view of Darling Harbour and Opera House. In short, you are sitting in a very fast boat and it will turn at least 180 degrees immediately on high speed either on the left or right. Hence, the ride is around 35 minutes and it runs hourly so do book in advance as seats are usually very limited. The ride is very safe and not as high risk as you expect. However, you still need to go thru the compulsory health check list.
sydney jet darling harbour
You will need to keep your devices in selected lockers as you will definitely drench with water after the ride. Hence, you will need to wear a cape and you will look like a ‘padawan or jedi from Star Wars’ minus the striking colour.
sydney jet harbour bridge
Once you are seated on the boat, everyone needs to buckle their seatbelts before drifting slowly off the Darling Harbour to near the Opera House. Once the coast is clear, the ‘chief’ will signals for the manoeuvres. After half of a dozen spins, it is time to drift back to the harbour.
sydney oz jet
You will be entertained and thrilled of course but the view of the surrounding area near Opera House is bonus. In addition, you get to see many other things such as private yachts, boats and cruises. Remember to wave at them.
sydney jet splash
While doing the spins, the boat has a GoPro to record the photos and videos which you can purchase later after the ride. Do not attempt to bring your own device as they might be soaked with water or swing out of the boat. You have been warned.

The whole experience takes around 35 to 40 minutes but you will definitely enjoy the ride, the scenery and the spins. If you are in Darling Harbour, personally I will recommend this for you and your friends or family for this ride. It is worth every dollar spent.
sydney jet vs oz jet
There are a few similar options (different boat operator with different names) offering the same experience at Darling Harbour. However, only Sydney Jet works together with iVenture Pass Sydney thus “the Free ride” (on weekdays). Visit iVenture Pass Sydney for more info.
sydney jet placesandfoods

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Sydney Jet Experience Address, Contact, Tel and Booking:

Sydney Harbour Boating Services PTY LTD

Licenced Operator of Sydney Jet.

PHONE: 02 9807 4333

EMAIL: [email protected]


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