December 1, 2023


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Camel Republic Cha Am

My first time trip to Cha Am was short and tiring but it is fruitful. Cha Am is a beautiful in approx. two hour drive from Bangkok and 45 minute drive from Hua Hin. Cha Am might sounds new to foreign tourists but it is a popular tourist town for locals.

Cha Am is a beach town and it is usually packed during weekends as the locals from Bangkok enjoy spending their weekend there because it is just around two hour drive and there are really amazing resorts in Cha Am and Hua Hin.
santorini park exterior picture

Santorini Park in Cha Am.

Apart of the beaches, the attractions in Cha Am are truly unique. Santorini Park is a good example of how the Thais create a beautiful park inspired by the architecture of Santorini Island in Greece. The success of Santorini Park leads to Santorini Waterpark and there might be a Santorini Hotel coming on the way. So if you can’t afford to go Santorini, they will build one for you.
camel republic cha am

Right along the highway of Cha Am, I spotted a new development that worth the mention. It is called the Camel Republic. The name won’t surprise you as the architecture is very Morocco inspired.
camel republic cha am tower

It is not opened until 1st June, the guard told me as I tried to walk in to take more pictures so I went back and did some research and I find something interesting.
camel republic cha am tower

The Camel Republic is built by Pena House Group, the same owner of Cha Am Premium Outlet and also Santorini Park. With the success of both properties in Cha Am, Pena House Group which is also a leading garment company in Thailand builds the Camel Republic.
camel republic cha am inside

The theme park cost around 300 million Baht and it is expected to break even within five years. There will be camels brought from South Africa as well as thrilling rides. The Camel Republic expects to attract about 900,000 visitors per annum.
camel republic cha am ticket counters

Besides Camel Republic, there will be a forest water theme park opening in Hua Hin this September by the name of Vana Nava. As I was told, Vana Nava will be an exciting first of its kind water theme park in Thailand.
camel republic cha am thai rent a car

I will definitely revisit Cha Am and Hua Hin to check out the new attractions. The best way to travel around Cha Am and Hua Hin is by self-drive. Get a car from a reliable car rental company like Thai Rent A Car. They have a wide range of vehicles available with affordable rates. Check out more info at

Camel Republic Cha Am Entrance Fees:

Adult: 900 Baht

Children: 500 Baht

Free Entry for Children under 100 cm in height

Camel Republic Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs: 10 am to 6 pm

Fri – Sun & Public Holiday: 9 am to 6 pm

GSP: 12.8c355, 99.93831


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