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Nyonya Taste Cuisine Kota Laksamana

This is probably one of the newest Nyonya/Peranakan restaurants in Melaka. They are the new kids on the block and I was lucky enough to discover this restaurant a few weeks ago.
nyonya taste restaurant
The restaurant is located at Taman Kota Laksamana and hidden in one of the new shop lots in the area. Thus, the restaurant is air conditioned and they offer home style Nyonya cuisine. There are nothing fancy in their menu but simple and comfort food.

Curry Chicken
nyonya taste curry chicken
Chicken cooked with thick curry sauce. This is flavourful and goes well with rice.


Signature Pork
nyonya taste signature pork
Pork cooked with their signature sauce. It is thick and savoury and it goes well with its homemade chili.


Cencaluk Omelette
nyonya taste cincaluk omelette
One of the things you can eat in Melaka is cencaluk omelette. Melaka is the top producer of cencaluk and you can’t go wrong with this.


Salted Mustard Cabbage Beancurd Soup
nyonya taste salted mustard cabbage soup
Salted mustard cabbage or more popular known as “salty cabbage” is used to cook this soup. It is sour in taste but the locals love it and it comes with beancurd and minced meat.

Nyonya Taste Cuisine is a small family run business offering home cooked style Nyonya/Peranakan style food. Even though they are new, they do have their own regular customers. Most of their food are simple food, nothing fancy but comforting.


Nyonya Taste Cuisine Address and Tel:

15 , Jalan 3/11 , Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 3, Melaka, Melaka

Tel: +60 12-638 9915

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