April 21, 2024


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Pudu Herbal Tea Stall (谢坚记)

In Pudu, there is a herbal stall that has been around for decades. The stall is called (谢坚记) and they only sell two types of herbal teas, the powdered herbal tea and the sweet winter melon tea. It is located at Jalan Yew (in front of Lock Hua Hotel) and it is run by an elderly couple.
pudu herbal tea
It is so packed until I can never get a clear picture of the stall. There are just people stop by and ordering the drinks. Most of their customers look like regular as the stall has been around for such a long time.


pudu herbal tea with powder
The couple is very friendly and their herbal tea is good for when you feel “heaty” and their winter melon is refreshing. A bowl of herbal tea is only RM 2. Pudu Herbal Tea Stall (谢坚记) opened only at night.

*There is another bogus stall opened beside them, remember this stall is manned by an elderly couple.*


Pudu Herbal Tea Stall (谢坚记) Address, Map and GPS:

Jalan Yew (in front of Lock Hua Hotel),

Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.133004, 101.715974

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