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Sushi Rio Sushi Sydney CBD

You always need a local to bring you to the best deal. Thanks to my cousin Sherry, we got the best sushi deal in Sydney CBD at Sushi Rio. The title says it all and sushi at Sushi Rio priced at A$3 each and you will be surprised what you can get in this “kaiten” (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant.
sushi rio sussex street
The restaurant is located 339-345, Sussex street (corner lot at cross junction) a few minute walk from Chinatown and it purely run by Japanese including waiters and waitresses. That is something you can’t see in Malaysia and probably in Singapore and Thailand too.
sushi rio kaiten sushi
When it comes to kaiten sushi, it all goes down to the number of varieties of sushi available. At Sushi Rio there are more than 85 sushi and rolls available for a flat rate of A$3 so you will be spoilt for choices.

If you are wondering what type of sushi you will be getting for A$3, it is the same premium sushi we get in Malaysia and Singapore.
sushi rio wasabi
Take a deep look at their wasabi, these are real wasabi. In many Japanese restaurants in Malaysia, they served wasabi in powder form and those are hot radish with wasabi flavour. It has the similar taste with the real wasabi but minus the actual purpose and goodness of wasabi. Real wasabi comes from roots so the texture is slightly rough.
sushi rio salmon sushi
When you are in a kaiten sushi, you should order one of the most popular sushi of all time, the salmon sushi. It is just a simple rice sushi with a piece of salmon belly (often cold) and with a tiny pinch of wasabi hidden sandwiched in between. It is simply just rely on the freshness of the salmon and the grade of rice used and you won’t be disappointed at Sushi Rio.
sushi rio sashimi
Next, I ordered their sashimi, salmon belly and tuna sashimi (two plates here). The beauty of having sushi in Sydney is they have great supply of fresh salmon and tuna and these are just heavenly. Remember to dip it onto soy sauce and eat it with a small pinch of wasabi.
sushi rio scampi
If you never heard of scampi then you should try to order one. It is known as Norwegian lobster but it tastes similar to prawn though. You only pay A$3 for a plate of scampi sushi and you will love it if you are a sashimi lover.
sushi rio scallop sushi
The highlight of Sushi Rio is their scallop sushi. Their scallops grilled to perfection and this is probably the best scallop sushi I had. The scallops are juicy and easily I can have at least a couple of plates of this alone. I don’t mind coming back just for these.

If I am going to Sydney again, I will stop over at this restaurant. This is simply love at first sight and you definitely get more than A$3 you paid! Will come back again.

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Sushi Rio Address and Contact:

339-345 Sussex Street

Sydney, Australia 2000

Phone   +61 2 9261 2388

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