December 7, 2023


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Cameron Valley Tea Plantations Ringlet

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular hill destinations in Peninsula Malaysia. The cooling weather, high altitude and low temperature make Cameron Highlands a perfect place for plantations especially tea leaves.
cameron valley ringlet tea plantation
If we are going to talk the history of tea leaf and how it got here, it will take pages. Let’s make it short. There are more than five tea prominent tea plantations in Cameron Highlands that opens up for tourists.
cameron valley ringlet tea house
There are three BOH tea plantations and two Cameron Valley tea plantations. I visited the Cameron Valley tea plantation in Ringlet. The Cameron Valley is also known as Bharat Tea Plantation as it is owned and operated by the Bharat Group and you can find out more at their website.
cameron valley ringlet view
There are plenty of parking spaces and there is one huge restaurant with other small shops selling teas and souvenirs. You can have a cuppa of tea and some snacks while enjoying the breath taking view of the tea plantation.
cameron valley ringlet tea leaves
Like many other tourists, I went down to the tea plantation. You can take picture, walk around, play hide and seek or even sing a song or two but you can’t pick, tear or damage the tea leaves.
cameron valley ringlet rachel
This is a great place for family and friends and definitely an ideal place for a break away from the city and work. You can get their tea products in their tea shop or taste their tea in their restaurant. If you plan to visit Cameron Highlands, do it on weekdays, there is no traffic jam and lesser people. This is one of the top places to visit in Cameron Highlands.


Cameron Valley Tea Plantations Ringlet Address, Contact and GPS:

Along Jalan 59 (in between Habu and Tanah Rata)

P.O. Box 25, 39007 Tanah Rata,

Cameron Highlands,

Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.

Tel: 605 – 4911133

GPS: 4.454109, 101.368475


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