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Cocos Hung Heng Coconut Ice Cream

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Cocos Hung Heng Coconut Ice Cream

This is another local food near Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins. Just minutes of walking from St. Paul Ruins, you will reach this road, Rua da Tercena thru a few alleys and Rua de S. Paulo. There are some real good food at Rua da Tercena and there are many shops selling antiques too so it is advisable to venture this part of Macau.
cocos hung heng macau
Cocos Hung Heng is located at 14, Rua de Tercena. It is a traditional local Macanese shop selling coconuts. Coconuts in Macau? Yes, they are selling coconuts and their popular coconut ice cream.
cocos hung heng macau coconut ice cream
The owner kept reminding us that he uses real coconut to make those soft coconut ice creams. It is kept in a small freezer and it is usually sold out at the end of the day. I forgot the exact price for this but it is not more than HK$20 (if not mistaken).
cocos hung heng macau soft coconut ice cream
I have no complains with coconut ice cream during the hot sunny day. The soft texture and the strong coconut flavour ice cream will melt your hearts away. The coconut ice cream is handmade.  Thus, this shop is popular among the locals and we will be sharing more local food stories of Macau.  For all our Macau food stories, visit Macau Food.


Cocos Hung Heng Coconut Ice Cream Address, GPS and Contact:

14, Rua da Tercena,

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau

Tel: +853 2892 0944

GPS: 22.197684, 113.538589


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