March 31, 2023

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KLIA 2 Pictures Malaysia

KLIA 2 is the world’s largest low cost carrier airport terminal in the world. It is built to replace LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) to cater for more passengers as well as more budget airlines.

KLIA 2 started its operations on May 2, 2014 after a few series of delay. It is built at cost of U$1.3 billion after a series of upgrades and expansions during the construction. The KLIA 2 is located opposite KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, you will reach KLIA 2 (on the right) before KLIA.


You can spot KLIA 2 on the right hand side and you take the ramp on the left to turn into the KLIA 2 building.


The improvement can be spotted on this huge digital board. It is easier to view and read all the arrivals now in KLIA 2.



Shopping experience in KLIA 2 is better than ever. There are more retail outlets and bigger walking spaces too!



There is a Toys ‘R Us Express in KLIA 2 and it is located at Level 2.



More retail outlets at KLIA 2 Level 2.



KLIA 2 Level 2 is also the same level as the Arrival Hall.



You can spot many AirAsia help points like this. They will try to help you to get on your AirAsia flights.



There are many food and beverages outlets, this is Puffy Buffy at Level 3, near the Departure Hall.



Starbucks Coffee strategically located at Level 3 near the Departure Hall.



The Departure Hall is not as packed as it used to be in LCCT and there is another huge digital board to assist travellers.



Trouble finding your gates or anywhere in KLIA 2? Friendly KLIA 2 staff like her will assist you.



The Departure Hall looks brighter and sleek. It is definitely different than the warehouse LCCT look.



The Departure Hall is located on Level 3 and it is more organized now. Say goodbye to “market-alike” airport. This is KLIA 2.



You probably heard about this. You can actually hop on to the KLIA Espres and reach KLIA 2 after KLIA. This KLIA 2 terminal is located near the Arrival Hall at Level 2 in KLIA 2.


There is a food court and also many restaurants located at Level 2 M.

I will be travelling soon with Air Asia and I will try to showcase more pictures of KLIA 2 very soon. Thank you for reading.

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