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Patio Do Penedo Homemade Sushi Macau

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Patio Do Penedo Homemade Sushi Macau

If you want to get more information on local Macanese Food, you should read on. This is a popular homemade sushi stall only known for locals. Located at the Patio Do Penedo alley (near the Mandarin’s House), the stall is a famous place for students and working adults as they booked their sushi in advance.
Patio Do Penedo sushi stall
The stall is manned by an old couple. The man will sell and pack the sushi while the lady cooks and prepares the sushi. The lady boss is quite talkative, you will know when you are there.
Patio Do Penedo sushi place
The variety of their sushi is unique. Smoked duck breast sushi? How about mantis prawn sushi with meat floss? They do have the unagi sushi too and crabstick sushi.
Patio Do Penedo sushi on tray
All of their sushi is kept under the aluminium covers. Most of them are fully booked but the gracious lady owner let us to get a few off from the tray. Each sushi will be plastic wrapped and you can add on wasabi too if you want.
Patio Do Penedo smoked duck sushi
I tried a few of their sushi and they were pretty good. I enjoyed the smoked duck breast sushi the most while the rest are pretty decent. Each sushi is at the length of my palm size and if not mistaken they are more than HK$10 each. If you are visiting Mandarin’s House, this is a great place for sushi.

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Patio Do Penedo Homemade Sushi Address:

Patio Do Penedo Alley

GPS: 22.189420, 113.534825

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