June 21, 2024


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Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum Hat Yai

Dim sum for breakfast is a common food in Hat Yai. There are a few popular ones but I stumbled upon this nameless restaurant near the hotel I stayed, New Season Hotel.
Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum Hat Yai
Located at 104/7, Prachatipat Alley, opposite New Season Hotel and the same road towards Lee Garden, this name restaurant offers dim sum for breakfast.
Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum on tray
Unlike the traditional way of serving dim sum in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, in Hat Yai they will serve you a table of dim sum first. Then, whatever that is left will be taken back so you will get plenty to choose from.
Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum on table
Your table will look glorious with plates of dim sum so take your time enjoy your dim sum.
Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum rice porridge
On top of the dim sum, they have pao and porridge. I ordered the pork porridge and it is a simple but comfort food. Their version comes with an egg.

This is an additional alternative place for dim sum in Hat Yai. It is nothing great but at least another option for dim sum.

Prachatipat Alley Dim Sum Address:

104/7, Prachatipat Alley,

Hat Yai, Songkhla Thailand

GPS: 7.006621, 100.473787

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