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Snacking at House Demsey Road Singapore

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Snacking at House Demsey Road Singapore

There is nothing to do in Singapore. If think so, then you must not been to Singapore for decades. Singapore is not just about Sentosa Island, Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands. There are plenty things to do in Lion City and one great example is Tiong Bahru. I have written a story Discover Tiong Bahru a little while ago and you can read why Tiong Bahru is worth a visit.
house demsey road
Another place to visit is Demsey Hill. It is one of the few places in Singapore where you can get lush greenery and the whole area gives a very relaxed and laid back ambience. This Demsey Hill used to be the Central Manpower Base of Singapore and also former British army barracks. Now, it has transformed to a beautiful place for restaurants, café and also shopping outlets. This is one of the latest cool places to chill for Singaporeans on lazy weekends.
house demsey road interior
One of the places for chill out or snacking is the House. It is totally not related to the TV series The House and there are definitely no hot waitresses in hot nurse costumes. I am just guessing that maybe it is more house or home inspired restaurant.
house demsey road outdoor
You can sit outdoor enjoying the green but with the hot weather in this part of the world, no thanks.  I enjoyed being pampered and always love the coldness of air-conditioner. You can have the thirty degree Celsius temperature all you want but I will stay in-door.
house demsey road toilet
I can’t disagree that I wasn’t impressed with the décor but wait till you see the men’s toilet. But then, I have no idea why they put two chairs and a table inside the toilet. I wonder why.

The term of snacking means eating a lesser food than tea time but yet it is fun and fattening.
house demsey road fries
The snacking started off with pumpkin hazelnut fries and carrot fennel fries. Pumpkin hazelnut fries is straw cut pumpkin fries with crunchy hazelnut, paprika and chili powder and carrot fennel fries is straw cut spice fries topped with paprika, curry and sprinkle of sea salt. I should order either one of them instead of two. Sometimes lesser is better.
house demsey road pao and red latte
One of their signature dishes is their “tau sau pao”. Tau sau pao means red bean bun, a popular Chinese bun with red bean paste filling. Their signature is rumoured as the best in Singapore and it compliments with red latte.
house demsey road pao filling
What makes a good “pao” is soft texture and generous filling that is not too sweet. Their version of pao has most of the criteria of a great pao but I don’t consider it as my best. Probably it is the best in Singapore but definitely not in Malaysia.
house demsey road red latte
How to glamourize “teh mamak”? You renamed it as red latte. The red latte is strong and not too sweet and very well presented. The restaurants in Malaysia should follow this.

I am impressed by the décor and the ambience of House and also the surrounding of Demsey Hill. Too bad, I didn’t have spare time to venture this beautiful place but I will bookmark this place for future visits.

House Demsey Address and Contact:



Tel:  +65 64757787

Website: http://www.dempseyhouse.com/





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