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NYCC New York Cheese Cake, Crystal Design Centre Bangkok

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NYCC New York Cheese Cake, Crystal Design Centre Bangkok

I am in Bangkok right now in my room at Sofitel So Hotel. It is not because there is a coup or curfew on the streets but I am just resting after enjoying great food for the past few days. You might read about the soldiers and the protestors on the newspaper but in actual fact, you can’t find them in the city. Maybe they are at a few spots in Bangkok but traveling in the city for the past three days, none of the soldiers are spotted.
nycc shop crystal design centre
Yesterday, my best friend brought me to the one of the best cheesecakes in Bangkok. It is located at the Crystal Design Centre and probably out of vicinity of public transportations such as BTS and MRT. The café is called NYCC or New York Cheese Cake.
nycc cafe
It is a small café and good enough for a few tables but they serve marvellous cheesecakes. Their cheesecakes are air-flown from New York and the prices are reasonable too.
nycc new york cheesecake
We ordered their signature New York Cheese Cake with Strawberry. The taste is heavenly as the texture of the cake is soft and smooth and topped with the slight sour taste of the strawberry sauce. A piece is cost around 205 THB and it is very reasonable given it is air-flown and made in New York.

I will definitely come back again and do walk around this area as there are many pubs and restaurants too.

NYCC New York Cheese Cake Address and Contact:

Pradit Manootham Road | Crystal Design Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: 02-1022065


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