June 17, 2024


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Samsung NX 30 First Impression

Before I start, I am a Samsung NX user for three years. I reviewed the Samsung NX-11 and Samsung NX-300 and owned Samsung NX-20 and Samsung NX30. Since I am not a first hand user of Samsung NX cameras, I am going to be very honest with my review with Samsung NX30.

The difference between NX-11 and NX-20 is huge in terms of picture quality and ISO setting and it is the same between NX30 and NX20.
samsung nx30
I love the physical build of NX30 as they improved the body in design and it is better for grip. The camera also featuring a unique Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder (XGA, 2,359K-dot resolution) the NX30 makes it easier than ever to discover a new perspective. Whether crowds are obstructing the shot or a more creative angle is desired, the 80 degree tilt means that different viewpoints are simple to achieve. With the ability to move from side to side up to 180 degrees, and upward and downward up to 270 degrees, the NX30’s 76.7mm (3.0-inch) Super AMOLED Swivel and Touch Display offers flexible angles which are especially useful for self-shooting, whether for stills or video capture.
samsung nx30-1
For DSLR users, you will find Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder very useful but I prefers the (3.0-inch) Super AMOLED Swivel and Touch Display as it is sharper and clearer in view. The touch display comes handy too.


High quality images with rich colour are guaranteed with the advanced 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. Delivering shots that are bursting with sharp detail and intense colours, the large sensor is ideal for creating rich images with dramatic foreground and background blur, providing professional quality imaging that ignites the visual senses. Featuring the Samsung NX AF System II thatboasts fast and accurate auto focusing, this new model ensures all moments – including fast-moving scenes and subjects – that make up the beauty of everyday life will never be missed. The introduction of OLED Colour to the NX30 records the ultimate contrast and real colours, making it possible to capture rich landscapes and portraits with natural tones.

grand lisboa


(Picture captured in the bus using Auto mode)


Advanced video features make the NX30 the ideal solution for movie makers searching for a compact yet high performing camera. In addition to Full HD Video Stereo Recording, the NX30 supports a standard 3.5mm microphone input for high quality audio capture while shooting movies. The Audio Level Meter appears on the display so you can continuously monitor the input level status while recording. In addition, the input level can be manually adjusted to ensure optimal audio quality. Moreover the NX30 is also perfect for advanced video enthusiasts because of its HDMI live streaming with Full HD 30p output that makes it easy to connect with a large screen, recorder and other HDMI devices. The microphone input is definitely a good upgrade from NX-20 and I love the stereo bar feature. The quality of FULL HD recording improves a lot from the NX-20 too.
koi kei heating almond biscuits
Building on the successes of Samsung’s market leading SMART CAMERA technology, the NX30’s NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities offer the next-generation of connectivity, making it is easier than ever to take advantage of a host of intuitive sharing features. The ‘Tag & Go’ function lets users tap and share memories instantly and easily, pairing the NX30 with NFC enabled smartphones and tablets. To be frank I find the Wi-Fi features of NX-20 a nuisance until NX30’s NFC and Wi-Fi features. It is way faster now and you can save a lot of money for not getting those slow Wi-Fi SD cards.

panda macau watching


(Picture taken with 50-200mm Mark II Lens)


The Photo Beam feature allows users to transfer images or videos between smartphones or tablets by simply touching devices together, with no other configuration needed. MobileLink lets users select multiple images to send to four distinct smart devices at one time – everyone can treasure photos, without the need to take repetitive shots on each individual device. AutoShare automatically sends every photo you take instantly to your smartphone or tablet and the Remote Viewfinder Pro function enables users to control many features of the NX30 from a smartphone, allowing the user to zoom and snap shots remotely yet still have full visibility of the scene, opening up new photographic possibilities. Manual settings can still be accessed, including shutter speed and aperture, so that photographers can retain camera control yet have another option as to how they want to frame their shot.

Lastly, I am impressed with the improvement of NX30 and I will be using the camera for my upcoming trips. If you are looking for a smart camera with great details and quality, NX30 is a suitable candidate for you. You can get Samsung NX30 at all Samsung retail outlets in Malaysia. For more info, visit www.samsung.com.my


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