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Seafood Platter at Sushi Bar, Sydney Fish Market

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Seafood Platter at Sushi Bar, Sydney Fish Market

Where can get the freshest seafood in Sydney? It must be Sydney Fish Market. It is the second largest fish market in the world (in terms of varieties), no doubt Tsukiji of Tokyo is ranked number one. Like Tsukiji, Sydney Fish Market turns to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sydney.
fish market entrance
The first time visiting this place was in 2001 and this was my fourth time visiting the market. The difference was, I brought my mother and it was her first time visiting Sydney. She travelled to many places around the world and she has been to many fish markets too but it was no harm bringing her around and since we were in Sydney, why not?
fish market blue building
Like many other popular tourist attractions around the world, Sydney Fish Market received many tourists from China. I know there are quite a huge number of Chinese from China studying in Sydney and you can tell the difference at first sight. Well, the tourists often rude, jump queue and waving their hands with money while the students queue up and friendlier.
fish market western rock lobster
The last round I ate at Christie and this time, we decided to try the seafood platter at Sushi Bar. It is one of the restaurants in the fish market.

The seafood platter consists of scallop mornay, soft shell crab, battered fish, bbq prawn, prawn tempura, seafood stick, crumbed calamari and chips priced at A$34.50. The portion is good enough for three persons.
sushi bar seafood platter
The good thing about this platter, the portion is huge. If you ask me, the platter priced at A$34.50 is very reasonable. If you take out all the seafood, there is a bed of fries hidden below. Fries must be cheap in Sydney.
sushi bar seafood platter wilson
Basically all the fried stuffs are good as it is hard to go wrong with fried food. I loved the scallop mornay but there are simply too many fried food. It will be great to have some fresh or grilled seafood in the platter but I am sure the price will not be the same. The best part of dining at Sushi Bar or other restaurants in Sydney Fish Market, the seafood is absolutely fresh!

Have you been to Sydney Fish Market?

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Sushi Bar at The Fish Market Address:

Opens daily

Shop 5 Sydney Fish Market

Blackwattle Bay

Pyrmont NSW 2009

Phone: 02 9552 2872

Fax: 02 9552 3927

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