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Starlight Cinema with Samsung Galaxy Life

Have you watch the movie under the stars? Imagine this. Bring your bean bags or even a bench and watch a movie with your loved ones, your partner, your family or even your friends. You don’t have to imagine any more as Starlight cinema is back!
starlight cinema s5 phone

Starlight Cinema is an outdoor cinema available only for selected time. There will be one week of out door screening with many famous movie titles in selected day. The screening will ends at 21st June 2014 and you can redeem your free passes with Samsung Galaxy Life App.
There is no such thing as free lunch. Yes, it is true and the trick is you have to download the app to your mobile phone. Check out the Starlight Cinema deal and click redeem and you will need to redeem the reward within one hour and show it to them and you can watch Starlight Cinema for FREE and like a boss.
Remember, you have to download the app to enjoy the free pass to Starlight Cinema and free food in the event and discounted deals too. The Starlight Cinema redemption offers a pair of FREE tickets so you can bring your friend, your partner or even your family. Remember, one redemption = two tickets.
starlight cinema burger kaw kaw
There are free food available in Starlight Cinema. You can redeem free food from Gongcha, Coffee Coffea, Burger Kaw Kaw, MyBurgerLab, Pizza Hut and many more. These free food redemption is first come first serve and it is available on your Galaxy Life App.
There are other food kiosks available and you can still purchase them. I enjoyed the Burger Kaw Kaw grilled chicken burger the most. The rest are pretty good too.
starlight cinema free food


(Free food redemption with Galaxy Life at Starlight cinema)
Bring your own pillow, mosquito patch, beanies or anything that makes you comfortable watching the movie on the green grass. Be there early to avoid the long queues especially on the food redemption.
starlight cinema at night
On the 21st, it will be the Samsung Night and there will be some cool things happening on that evening. They are:

  1. Free 300 pairs of tickets to Starlight Cinema
  2. Free 100 Burger Lab burgers
  3. Free 200 cupcakes from Project C
  4. Free 500 Slurpee from 7-Eleven
  5. Free 100 Burgers from Burger Kaw Kaw
  6. Free 100 Gongcha
  7. Free 100 scoops of Sub 18 Gelato
  8. Free 100 standard Crazy Potato packs
  9. Free 100 personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut
  10. Free 50 cups of Mango Smoothie from Coffea Coffee

Remember to download the Samsung Galaxy Life App and enjoy the freebies! Look out for more great deals with the app soon with your Samsung mobile.
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