February 9, 2023

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Traveling in Bangkok 4th June 2014

We read so much about the coup and curfew in Bangkok and seen so many pictures of soldiers and the protestors. However, when I was traveling around Bangkok by myself, I couldn’t even spot a single soldier and the unrest as reported.

There are many travel advisors against traveling to Bangkok and I wonder why. I have been to this beautiful city countless times and even at this time, it still feels the same. The trains are packed and busy and everyone seems unbothered by the coup or curfew as reported.

Well, I stayed in Silom and I travelled to Asiatique yesterday. I walked to the BTS station and took a ferry to Asiatique. The trains are still packed with locals and foreigners and same goes to the boats. Asiatique might not be as packed as it used to be but I spotted a huge group of tourists from Hong Kong and China.

I went back around 10pm as the BTS shuts one hour earlier around 11pm as the curfew starts at midnight and I strolled around Silom taking my supper by myself. Again, not even a soldier spotted.

I will be around in Bangkok going for the TTM+ (Thailand Travel Mart) event and meeting up my best friend and I will post more live updates on my Facebook Page and Instagram.com

Don’t be fooled by the reports, Bangkok is safe!

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