March 23, 2023

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Ah Ma Temple Roadside Ice Cream

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Ah Ma Temple Roadside Ice Cream

There is one iconic place you must visit when you travel to Macau, Ah Ma temple. It is said that this temple is the birthplace of the name “Macau”. You can read more at Ah Ma Temple.

In front of this UNESCO Heritage Listed temple, there is one ice cream bicycle stall. The stall is manned by an old man with many pictures of celebrities visiting his stall. Of course, that prompts me to check out his homemade ice cream as I spotted Hong Kong celebrity foodie Choy Lan in one of the pictures.

It is a mini ice cream, strawberry flavour ice cream. I am not sure whether it is the same flavour every day or just strawberry flavour, the mini ice cream is sure addictive especially during the hot sunny day. The taste is nothing extraordinary but it is a thirst quencher for sure. My wife said I can’t post the picture of her so you get to see the ice cream only.

Trust me, if you enter Ah Ma temple, you will end up sweating like a pig and this ice cream stall is at the right place at the right time.


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