July 18, 2024


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Betong Clock Tower 

Betong is one of the border districts in Southern Thailand near Pengkalan Hulu Perak. The word Betong in Malay means bamboo. This district in fact is the southernmost point of Thailand and the city center is surrounded by mountains. Thus, it has a cool climate and high rainfall with fog in the morning and it the city is also known as The City in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers.
betong clock tower
The Betong Clock Tower is situated at the roundabout at the center of the city. The clock tower is made of marble and protected by an external structure. Thus, tower is believed as old as the town and also an iconic building of Betong Town.
betong clock tower full
Whenever you travel around Betong, you will bump to this clock tower. It is best to travel to Betong from Pengkalan Hulu Perak. It is just minutes of driving from the immigration to the city. Betong is one of the most popular cities for Malaysia tourists.

I travelled to this part of Thailand earlier this year and I enjoyed road tripping in Southern Thailand for two weeks. I discovered many interesting places in Southern Thailand and the road trip was enjoyable and memorable.

Betong Clock Tower GPS: 5.77677, 101.07367

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