February 1, 2023

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MH Enrich Voyager Challenge 

Want to fly with Malaysia Airlines for FREE? Well, yes you can and only you can do it. Now you can travel the world, at least virtually and experience being a high-power frequent flyer as you work your way around the world with the Enrich Voyager Challenge!

(I was invited for the MH Enrich Voyager Challenge event a few weeks ago)

The game will test your travel planning skills as you balance between flying the farthest destinations while maintaining your Enrich Voyager miles so that you can fly on your next leg. As you continue your journey, you’ll start earning more Enrich Voyager miles, unlocking new destinations and achieve the next Enrich Voyager status which will bring more virtual rewards. In the end, only those who have cunningly planned their moves to achieve the maximum distance will become our worthy winner and the title “Enrich Voyager Globetrotter”.

(Enrich Voyager – View My Info Tab)

Start your journey around the world in Kuala Lumpur and choose your next travel destination, interact with our app and get extra Enrich miles to help you fly further. Some exciting features include:

  • Earn Miles – Verify your Enrich membership through our app and you will instantly be rewarded with 10,000 Enrich miles! Be mindful though, plan your travels wisely or you will be left with no more points to fly further.
  • Travel Around the World – You can when you fly to more destinations and unlock the Globetrotter status, fly to any one of our oneworld destinations and you will be on your way to tell all your friends you are the best virtual traveler.
  • Entertain Yourself – Play our mind games and test your Malaysia Airlines knowledge with our trivia questions to earn more Enrich miles! Want to see what we have to offer? Check out our in-flight videos and you may earn more miles too.
  • Flight Status – You can also keep track of your flight status in the ‘view my profile’ tab to see how far you’ve been. The more you fly, the more you earn! The more you earn, the higher chance you win! 

So how to play MH Enrich Voyager Challenge?

  1. First of all, log into the app at https://apps.facebook.com/enrichvoyager, key in your details and select your avatar.
  1. You will start the game with 10,000 Enrich Voyager Miles. The miles are redeemed (burned) when you choose a destination to fly, while miles are earned when you arrive at your destination.
  1. As with normal frequent flier redemptions, miles burned will be more than miles earned so choosing the right destination is crucial to maximize your flying distance & miles balance.
  1. To begin your journey, you are situated at the Airport lounge. As with any other airports, you can either explore by clicking on the buttons or begin by selecting the “Where to go next?” button.
  1. After you are redirected, scroll through the destination details to select your desired destination. Click on “Proceed” and you will be whisked to board the aircraft, receiving a boarding pass with your flight details.
  1. On arrival, you can take the time to visit the destination by clicking the “View Destination” button or prepare to continue your journey either back to your point of origin or onwards to a new destination.
  1. Choose your destination; you will be awaiting boarding as we prepare your flight for departure. Once completed, you’re ready to go!
  1. Need to log off from Facebook while in flight? You can do so as the flight will continue – but make sure to return in time for the arrival or you might lose precious time to fly onto your next destination!
  1. Upon your arrival, a round trip summary will be displayed. To view and edit your personal information, click the “View My Info” button for more details. Continue onwards to reach the ultimate goal!

(Enrich Voyager – In Lounge Tab)

The game is all about strategy, planning and execution. Make sure you get your timing right and your plan right to make the best of the challenge.

Winners at the end of the month with the highest travelled miles will win a conversion of their Enrich Voyager miles to ACTUAL Enrich miles on a 1×1 basis. Do not be disappointed if you didn’t win as you will still have chance to win on another month until the announcement of the end of the challenge.

(Enrich Voyager – Destination Tab)

For more information, log onto Malaysia Airlines official Enrich Voyager Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EnrichVoyager or Twitter at https://twitter.com/Enrichvoyager.

Good luck everyone!


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