February 9, 2023

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Create your own gourmet burger at McDonald’s

All of us knew McDonalds as one of the biggest American franchise fast food burger restaurants in the world. Even in Malaysia, there are almost everywhere. As the world is moving to a healthy way of eating lifestyle, fast food is branded by many as unhealthy food. To rebrand that unhealthy tag line, McDonald’s in Australia is trying to create a new concept, create your own gourmet burger. Yes, you read it right, McDonald’s in Australia is selling create your own gourmet burger.

Don’t be so excited yet as only one outlet is doing the trial run now before going all out. The branch is at Castle Hill Sydney and thanks to my darling cousin, Sherry Wong who visited the outlet and contributed all the pictures. In return, I promised to bring her to Myburgerlab when she comes back to Malaysia.

With this new concept, you get to enjoy your personal creation of gourmet burger in McDonald’s. It is no longer the same old Fillet O’ Fish or Big Mac or the same old boring menu and it is all about you and your taste. This reminds of Subway, customizing your food. Thus, even the tray looks nicer now with this new concept.

How to create your own gourmet burger in McDonald’s?


1. Choose your option on ala carte or set meal.


2. Choose the type of buns or no bun (bring your own) and how many patties you want and type of cheese.

3. Add ons? Bacon or egg?


4. Choose your choice of sauces.


5. Choose your selection of vegetables.


6. Check your selection and double check it again.


7. Select the table you will be seating.


8. Pay and get the receipt.


9. Collect your receipt and enjoy your own gourmet burger!



Say goodbye to plastic trays and say hello to wooden tray!


(The new look of McDonald’s gourmet burger)


In short, it is a brand new menu with lots of interactions between the brand and the customers. It is a big decision even putting this concept as trial run. Everything seems looks good even to the taste but the big question, will this new concept roll out throughout Australia and around the world?

(I am sure we haven’t seen such gourmet burger with like this in McDonald’s before!)
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