February 6, 2023

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Easy Saving Tips with Jimat Jimat McD

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Easy Saving Tips with Jimat Jimat McD

I have been traveling like mad this year. Hence, I spent a lot of money for traveling to Australia, Macau, Korea, Thailand, UK, Spain and France and I spent quite a lot of money and I have more plans for next year so I really need to save up!

With the increment of petrol and the food prices, the cost of living in Malaysia is getting higher. Like other medium income earners, it is no longer easy to save money.

Even our very own Dr Comedian, Jason Leong also share tips on how to save..


Even eating in coffee shop, a meal will cost at least RM 5.00 and with drinks more than RM 2.00 and you probably spend more than RM 10 per meal if you want to eat in shopping malls or food courts. Things are getting expensive nowadays and to save up, you need to cook yourself and bring your own meals or visit McDonald’s for their Jimat Jimat McD.

With Jimat Jimat McD, you can buy one Fillet O Fish and get ONE FREE for RM 6.30 only! It means that for RM 6.30, you are getting two Fillet O Fish burgers and it cheaper than roadside burgers!

This super awesome Jimat Jimat McD deal is from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4 am.

Filet O Fish is one of the top sellers for McDonalds for years. The burger is a combination of soft bun with crispy fillet and compliment with a slice of cheese and mayonnaise. Remember with Jimat Jimat McD deal,  you can buy one Fillet O Fish and get ONE FREE for RM 6.30 only!

For more info, visit McDonald’s Malaysia.

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