March 4, 2024


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Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium Bangkok

You just don’t get enough of Bangkok. While venturing some of the shopping malls in Bangkok a few months ago, I stumbled upon a very unique concept store. It is called the Itshappenedtobeacloset, it is a closet, a fashion boutique, a café and a restaurant. It is located at 233, 2nd floor, Emporium Bangkok.
Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium bangkok


Don’t be fooled by its exterior, walk into the store you will be surprised!

Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium drinks
It’s Emporium, a hi-so shopping mall so I spent some time there ordering a cup of ice coffee and hot chocolate. The overpriced drinks are nothing to shout about but what’s in store will surprise you.
Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium bangkok living room
It looks like a living room inside the store and it is an ideal place to chill with friends or family. Please do make reservation in advance as there are not many tables available. Wait, this is not a restaurant as it happens to be a closet!

Where is the closet?

Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium bangkok clothes

Walk further in and you will walk into a brand new dimension. It is like the scene of Alice in Wonderland where you walk into a different world. Here, you walk to a room decorated like a closet.

Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium clothes
Time to shop in a closet!

Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium closet
I might find it boring to shop here but for ladies, this is a shopping heaven or more like a wonderland. I am sure there will be girls will be spending some time digging out some of the apparels here. While the girls busy shopping, the guys can always chill at their café.
Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium closet bw
Of course, my review on the food didn’t do justice to them as I only ordered their drinks. Thus, I will definitely coming back for the food as the cakes looks amazingly delicious. This is one great place for photography, chill out and definitely shopping!
Itshappenedtobeacloset Emporium bangkok shop
Itshappenedtobeacloset The Emporium Address and Contact:

233,2nd floor,


Tel : 66 2 664 7211-2

Mobile : 66 8 1 565 2026


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