December 8, 2021

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Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ Margaret River

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ is one of the highlights of 2014 Margaret River Gourmet Escape. The dinner BBQ was held at Castle Bay Beach, Dunsborough, Western Australia (near Margaret River). I was invited to join the Chef Wan Margaret River Tour by Tourism Western Australia. Together with me was media friends from Malaysia.
Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ ticket


Ticket for a Gastronomic feast at Audi Gormet Beach BBQ at Castle Bay.

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ SQ5


(A cool looking Audi SQ5 parked at the entrance of the beach)

The dinner’s main sponsor was Audi and the dinner cost A$200 per person. It was a beach side BBQ dinner with unlimited free flow of wine. Guests needed to pre book the dinner and it was sold out.

The Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ was hosted by Anna Gare and award winning celebrity chef, Dan Hong.
Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ dan hong wilson ng


Picture with one of the brightest chefs in Australia, Chef Dan Hong. What an honour to meet him in person!

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ ana gare wilson ng

Watched her on TV so many times and finally met her in person. She is Anna Gare, you probably remember her hosting the Australia Masterchef Junior TV series. She is a friendly and humble lady.

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ grilling beef roll

The Audi Gourmet BBQ menu is inspired by Dan Hong together with Lamont’s Smiths Beach service. The dinner is paired with some of the finest regional wines and local craft beer from Young Henrys brewhouse.

The menu includes:


Dan Hong’s Grilled Half Shell Esperance Scallops, Seaweed Salsa Verde

Dan Hong’s Sweet and Sour Lamb Ribs

Lamont’s Akardy Lamb Kofta, Smoked Paprika Yoghurt, Eggplant Relish

Lamont’s Truffled Artichoked on Ciabata, Joe Princi’s Prosciutto

Lamont’s Shark Bay Whiting, Tempura, BBQ’d Lemons

Lamont’s Chorizo Wrapped Chicken, Creamed Chickpea, Smooth Tapenade

Shared Plates

Dan Hong’s Vietnamese BBQ Chicken Salad with Prawns and Green Papaya

Lamont’s Marinated Olives, Baquettes and Lurpak Butter

Lamont’s Soba Noodle, Edamame, Avocado, Sesame dressing, Scallions

Lamont’s Torbay Asparagus,  Miso Butter

Lamont’s Baby Greens, Organic Balsamic Emulsion

Dessert from Lamont’s

Margaret River Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Lime, Lamont’s Navera
Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ chorizo wrapped chicken
Great looking Lamont’s Chorizo Wrapped Chicken, Creamed Chickpea, Smooth Tapenade. Five seconds later, all gone.
Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ chicken salad with prawn
Dan Hong’s Vietnamese BBQ Chicken Salad with Prawns and Green Papaya.

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ grilled scallops


Dan Hong’s Grilled Half Shell Esperance Scallops, Seaweed Salsa Verde, another crowd’s favourite.

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ night view


This is how it looks like when the sky turned dark. We love whole setup of this dinner. The music is right, the weather is cooling and most important of all, the food was good.

I had dozens of scallops and a few glasses of wine and beer.


Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ dan hong ana gare

Chef Dan Hong together with Anna Gare for a quick Q&A session with the guests.

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ group picture


Group picture together with Malaysian media, Tourism Western Australia and Chef Wan.

Chef Wan enjoyed this dinner very much and he loved the whole concept of having BBQ dinner by the beach. Thus, he hopes to see such event hosted in Malaysia one day as he was impressed with success of Western Australia Gourmet Escape 2014. 


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This is a sponsored post by Tourism Western Australia and Tourism Australia Malaysia.

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