June 8, 2023

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Chiang Mai Thailand Sakura 2015 Pictures

Remember I wrote about Chiang Rai Sakura Season last year and many wouldn’t believe me. Recently, my Thai friend, Maria and also a professional photographer went up to Chiang Mai to shoot the sakura blossom scenery.

The result is unbelievable. It looks like scenery from Japan and yet it is from Chiangmai. Maria went to two different locations in Chiang Mai, Khunwang Doi Inthanon and Angkhang, Northern Chiangmai. She told me that the temperature at Angkhang was as low as 4 degree Celsius. These locations are in the mountains of Chiang Mai so you need specific tours only to bring you there!

With her consent and credit to https://www.facebook.com/MariaNaKlaibaanTrip, the sakura pictures from both Khunwang and Angkhang are as below.

This looks like a scene from Japan TV series or movies but it is actually in Chiang Mai.

Sakura trees covering the Thai village in Chiang Mai.

Sakura trees by the road side.

Imagine taking pictures here with your love ones and why not pre-wedding photography here? Why not?

A park in Chiang Mai.

The Sakura trees fit in properly in the villages.

The Sakura trees.

Please plan your trip to Chiang Mai properly to visit these two areas. Make sure you book your ground tours properly and do remember the season is now and probably end in February. The weather in Chiang Mai is extremely cold so please bring properly clothing. This are in the mountains in Chiang Mai and not in the city.

Pictures are from https://www.facebook.com/MariaNaKlaibaanTrip, please “LIKE” and save her beautiful photography page.

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5 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Thailand Sakura 2015 Pictures

  1. Hi, I am amazed by the cherry blossoms photos u taken in Chiang Mai. May I know how to book the ground tour to Khunwang Doi Inthanon and Angkhang, do u have any reliable agent to recommend. Thank you 🙂

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