January 31, 2023

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What Did Malaysia Airlines Do Last Christmas?

What Did Malaysia Airlines Do Last Christmas? In an unexpected campaign, Malaysia Airlines launched the “12 Days Token Of Love Campaign” for the Christmas season.

There was nothing much revealing about the campaign as their official Facebook page only request the tag of “Send a surprise to your loved ones, December 13 – December 24”. The campaign was only available for passengers flying or landing in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

What’s the result of this “12 Days Token Of Love Campaign”?

Check out the video below.

The result is a very “human touch” campaign by the Malaysia Airlines team. I love how they send the messages in such creative way and Chef Wan was surprised too as you can see in the video.

I flew with Malaysia Airlines in 2014 from Kuala Lumpur to London and Perth. I have been flying with them for 20 years and they are still one of my favourite airlines.

There is too much negativity on the airlines sector in Malaysia in 2014. Let’s move on for a great 2015.

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