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Mount Selwyn Snowfields Skiing

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Mount Selwyn Snowfields Skiing

Date: 11 August 2001

Our first flashback story is our first time skiing experience in Australia. Wait, there is snow in Australia?

Many people didn’t know that there is actually snow in certain parts of Australia during winter. Snowing in Tasmania is very common while there are snowy mountains in parts of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria.
mount selwyn snow scenery
This first time skiing experience brings back to August 2011 when we went to university in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. One of our first outings with our new friends is to Mount Selwyn Snowfields.
mount selwyn wilson rachel
In winter (May to August), there are snow in mountains of NSW and Mount Selwyn is one of them. It is located in the northern section of Kosciuszko National Park bordering state Victoria. It is a just a few hour drive from Wagga Wagga.
mount selwyn wilson playing snow
The weather was cold but not that extreme. Most of us first time visiting the snowfield were over excited and started throwing snow like kids.

mount selwyn skiing

Rachel and I tried skiing. First time skiing was tough and I was wearing the wrong attire. I was wearing jeans and it was really cold. I should have rented proper pants. I really struggled with the ski while Rachel enjoyed it as she had roller skating back ground.
mount selwyn wilson giap
We spent a few hours at the Selwyn Snowfields and it was great experience. There wasn’t any snow falls that day but everyone was clearly exhausted.
mount selwyn rachel
I hope to visit the place again one day.
mount selwyn csu group picture
Picture is taken with Creative Webcam Go Plus and this is not a sponsored post.


Selwyn Snowfields Address, GPS:

Mount Selwyn NSW 2630, Australia

Phone:02 6454 9488

GPS: -35.906767, 148.448821



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