February 6, 2023

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SEA Aquarium Marine Life Park Sentosa

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SEA Aquarium Marine Life Park Sentosa

What to do when you travel to Sentosa Island rather than checking in the casino? Of course, in everyone’s mind is Universal Studio Singapore. Many might have done that and if you have not, you can read 10 Things To Do in Universal Studio Singapore.

There are two aquariums in Sentosa Island. One is Underwater World Singapore with Pink Dolpins and the other one is S.E.A Aquarium Marine Life Park by Resort World Singapore.

The SEA Aquarium is the newer aquarium and it is the largest in the world. It is home of 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species in 49 different habitats. Yes, it is no joke and there are 100,000 marine animals in this aquarium.

If you plan to get impressed or bring your family, this is the place. It is worth every penny you spent.

(Maritime Experiential Museum)
The complex is smartly designed to a few sections. Even before you enter the aquarium, you will need to go thru the Maritime Experiential Museum. There are exhibits of maritime history of South East Asia and you also will be “boarding a sail ship” going thru the story in a special moving platform.

That’s the teaser.

Once the story completes and you will be directed to the real entrance of the aquarium. If you want a long lasting impression on an aquarium, SEA Aquarium definitely nailed it.

(I have not seen a yellow sting ray before, have you?)
We walked into the “Shark Seas”.

It is the common tunnel with moving conveyor belt. Unlike other aquariums, the Shark Seas are filled with sharks. I have been to at least have a dozen Aquariums in Asia and I have never seen so many sharks before.

There are probably dozens or even hundreds of them. They are everywhere and everyone was impressed.

“Ocean Journey” showcases some of the most stunning jelly fish ever. The Moon Jelly Fish glows in the dark and they are really beautiful.

Same goes to other species of jelly fishes in this section.

At “Open Ocean”, the view of the panoramic aquarium is stunning. You can spend hours watching the manta rays and sharks swimming in the aquarium. Now, that’s money well spent.

At the back of the aquarium lies the restaurant opened by America Iron Chef Cat Cara. Luck was not on my side as the restaurant is fully booked. Dining in this restaurant will feels like dining in a submarine as you can watch the aquarium through the windows. Isn’t this a great place for dates?

The restaurant is called Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cara.


Look at how colourful the corals are!

The rest of the journey is pretty much the same. However, I noticed about the clarity of exhibits and it might be related with its glasses. Everything seems to be sharper as if it is on HD (high definition) if you compare to other aquariums. Maybe is the quality of the glass they use?

SEA Aquarium Marine Life Park Sentosa is located in RWS (Resort World Sentosa) and it is walking distance to the casino, Hard Rock hotel and Universal Studio Singapore. You can go to RWS via busses, monorail, cable car or taxis.

Expect to spend at least an hour or two in SEA Aquarium Marine Life Park Sentosa. Remember to charge your cameras and smartphones and please book your tickets early.

For more information, visit www.rwsentosa.com/MarineLifePark

This post is sponsored by YourSingapore.com  and Singapore Tourism Board.


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