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South Sea Seafood Kampung Baru Subang Review

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South Sea Seafood Kampung Baru Subang Review

I heard of this seafood restaurant for so long and finally last week, I finally dined there with Rachel and her friends. The restaurant is called South Sea Seafood and it is located at Kampung Baru Subang. It is near the Subang Airport and it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area as La La Chong moved out many years ago. Please check the GPS below as Waze brought us to a different place.

The restaurant is pork free restaurant and they have many Malay patrons. The restaurants offer varieties of seafood and most of them are still swimming in water tanks. The concept is similar to Unique Seafood restaurant as you get to choose your own seafood. This concept is very popular in Hong Kong too.

I am not going to name every single sea food in the water tanks as some could be seasonal and the pricing differs at different times too. Spotted in this tank is the Stone Fish and variety of Grouper fish.


This is how mantis prawn looks like. Yeah, it looks like a “centipede” prawn but yet it is so delicious. It is very high in cholestrol.


Spider crabs priced at RM 348 per kg.


Local crab priced at RM 54 each.


Sri Lankan Crab priced at RM 64 each, not expensive at all!


This is the famous river fish Empurau priced at RM 700 per kg. I never tasted it yet but Rachel tried it before. It consumed fruits and it swims against the current of the river in Borneo. The best way to taste it is to steam and the scales of this fish can be consumed.

It is said that there is a Hong Kong billionaire who flew to Malaysia to taste empurau and spent over RM 20,000 on this fish alone after he watched a TV program promoting this fish. Malaysia is the only place to taste Empurau if not mistaken.


Salmon Yee Sang Half Portion

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, we ordered the Salmon Yee Sang. This is half portion as we wanted to keep our tummy for seafood. There is nothing spectacular about the salmon yee sang but you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. Is it too early for yee sang? It is not actually as there are restaurants in Cheras offering yee sang late last year. When is Chinese New Year again? 19th February 2015! For the salmon yee sang, it is priced at RM 58 per half portion.

We ordered two baked cheese dishes.


Baked Escargot in Cheese

We ordered a dozen of baked escargot. It is strange that many Malaysian Chinese enjoy baked escargot in cheese. Escargot or living snail is a French appetizer but it is quite common in Malaysia too. Now, who said Malaysia’s cuisine is not interesting?


Baked Oyster in Cheese

We ordered another baked cheese appetizer, baked oyster in Cheese. If not mistaken, it is RM 12 per oyster. It is quite large in size and the taste is not too bad as it is nice baked. You can tell from the golden brownish colour of the cheese.


Fried Mee Suah

They recommend this fried mee suah and apparently it is one of the chef’s recommendations.  I loved the texture of the mee suah and also the taste of it. My friend thought it is ordinary but I enjoyed this anyways. I will recommend this.


Signature Tofu

We actually ordered the wrong dish. The actual tofu (beancurd) we wanted is salad tofu but instead we ordered signature tofu. The taste is good but we wanted a different dish. The tofu is soft and topped with stir fried minced meat with sauce. This is good to go with rice.


Crab with Creamy Butter Sauce

This is the main reason we are at South Sea Seafood. We couldn’t afford Spider Crabs but we can afford Sri Lankan crabs at RM 64 each. We could go for local crabs at RM 54 each. There are a few choices of cooking style but we chose the creamy butter sauce.

We also ordered the fried mantou (Chinese bun). You can choose whether you want the steam or fried bun. I always prefer the deep fried version. How does it taste like? Crunchy brownish skin with soft texture and it goes well with the creamy butter sauce. The creamy butter sauce comes with hints of spiciness of the chili.

For RM 64, the Sri Lankan crabs can consider large in size. I have seen bigger ones especially in Singapore. They are not that common in Malaysia due to its price and with our currency depreciating, the Sri Lankan crabs will cost more in the future.

The crabs were not disappointing, the texture of the meat is tender and it is quite juicy. This is cooked fresh and the crabs were swimming in the water tank. I am not sure whether this is considered Halal or not but I enjoyed this. I know the flavour of butter sauce will overwhelmed the original taste of the crab but it still goes well.

The best way to taste the natural goodness of the crabs is to steam or BBQ.

The total bill came to around RM 550++ including rice, three bottles of beer and Chinese tea. Overall, the food here is good and they cater for the medium and upper class customers. If you order seafood like Empurau or Spider crabs, the bill can easily reach RM 2,000 and above. I will come back one day for the Empurau. We had this dinner in January 2015.

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South Sea Seafood Address, Contact and GPS:

No. 229, Jalan Dua A, Kampung Baru Subang, 40150 Selangor D.Ehsan, Malaysia.


Phone: 03 7846 5813

GPS: 3.140477, 101.546930

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