June 9, 2023

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YG Entertainment Building Hapjeong-dong Seoul

Are you a huge fan of Big Bang? 2NE1? PSY? If you are, you should know they are under YG Entertainment Group.

On my recent trip to Seoul, I have the opportunity to visit YG Entertainment Building. Yes, just at the outside of the building and not inside.

The YG Entertainment building is located at 397-5, YG Building, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul. This was part of the Kpop tour trip sponsored by Orient Escape Travel and SH Tours Korea. We are the first group for this special KPOP tour from Malaysia.

Visiting Seoul in February is the coldest time of the winter. The temperature was around -10 degree Celsius at the time I visited the building. When the wind blows, it could kill and the tour guide reminded us to wear proper attire or else you won’t survive the chill. She wasn’t kidding, it was really cold especially if you do not covered your mouth, ear and your hands. It was too cold to shiver.

As expected, there are a few KPOP fans lingering around the entrance of the YG building. We had a few minutes permission to shoot the building from outside and also in the parking area.

Right opposite the YG building, there are shoplots and one or two of them is quite badly vandalised with messages from Sasaeng fans (excessively obsessed Hallyu fans).

Maybe you get to bump to them, maybe but why not right?

How to get to YG Entertainment Building in Seoul

By Seoul Subway

This is the easiest way. Take Seoul Subway Line 2 and stop at Hapjeong Station and take Exit 8.

Walk straight and turn right after SK Gas Station and walk till you see YG Entertainment building on the left.

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