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Bankara Ramen @ Avenue K

Bankara Ramen is a household name in Tokyo, Japan. With more than 60 outlets in Japan and Asia, they opened an outlet in Avenue K early last year. They are one of the most popular Japanese ramen restaurants in city and they are popular with their thick unique pork broth.
bankara ramen avenue k level 2
Bankara Ramen is located at Lot 2-7, Level 2, Avenue K, opposite the iconic Petronas Twin Tower KLCC. The restaurant is usually packed during peak hours and I was there with a friend a few weeks ago.

We ordered one side dish and two ramen.

Tsumami Char Siew
bankara ramen avenue k tsumami char siew
Tsumami Char Siew  (RM 10)

Not sure why is it called Tsuamami char siew but it is actually braised pork roll slices on a bed of crunchy Japanese onion. Sinful but you can’t forgive the tenderness of the meat that goes well with the Japanese onion.

bankara ramen avenue k hizou
Hizou (RM 1)

We also ordered the Hizou, special fragrant garlic and onion. This will add some crunchy texture to the ramen noodle.

Bankara Original
bankara ramen avenue k original ramen
Bankara Original (RM 21)

We decided ordering the original Bankara. It comes with medium size noodle served with char siew, bamboo shoots, dried seaweeds and Japanese onions. The portion is huge and it comes with thick pork broth. I enjoyed the char siew and the texture of the noodle but for the broth, it is too oily and thick for my liking.

Assari Bankara
bankara ramen avenue k assari ramen
Assari Bankara (RM 21)

We also ordered the Assari Bankara which comes with lighter soup based of the original version. I prefer the Assari Bankara as the broth is not as thick as the original.

The ramen is competitively priced and I feel that the broth is slightly oily to my liking. The portion is reasonably large and the prices of the side dishes are reasonable too. This is one of the places that you should go if you have the cravings of pork broth ramen.

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Opens daily

11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Bankara Ramen @ Avenue K Address and Contact:

Lot 2-7, Level 2, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2181 8618.

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