July 24, 2024


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Kui Lam Famous Pork Noodles

Kui Lam famous pork noodles. I read so many good reviews on them in so many food blogs and most of them even put the wrong address. The restaurant is located at 26, Lorong Lobak and not Jalan Kaskas 2 as many claimed.
restoran kui lam yulek
Finding a parking spot during lunch hour in Taman Cheras is such a pain and same goes in getting a table in the restaurant. I went there a couple of weeks ago with my family and we waited for more than half an hour after we ordered our food.
restoran kui lam yulek pork noodles
We ordered the dry pork noodle and their standard pork noodles. Price starting from RM 6 per bowl if not mistaken except you added on more pork parts.
restoran kui lam yulek dried pork noodle
The dry pork noodle comes with generous amount of pork lard and a bowl of soup with pork, the liver and kidney. There is nothing wrong with the noodle but the kidney. It tasted funny and my mother confirmed it and next the broth. It was completely bland.
restoran kui lam yulek pork noodle
Well, we ordered their standard pork noodles and the same issue. The pork kidney tasted funny and the broth was bland. Even my younger brother who is a regular said the same thing.

So I looked at the kitchen and now all the foreign workers did the cooking while the owners are just taking orders and sitting around.

Regardless how reputable this restaurant is, if the main chef is not cooking, the food will not taste good. The wait is horrendous and it was so hot in the restaurant and the food was below par, I don’t think I want to come again to be frank. It was such a big let down.

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Kui Lam Restaurant Address and GPS Coordinate:

26, Lorong Lobak

Taman Cheras (Taman Yulek) Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinate: 3.101691, 101.741591

Opens at 8.30am till sold out (usually after lunch)

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