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Marutama Ramen @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

The story of a popular Japanese ramen in Fahrenheit 88 goes back a few years ago. The ramen restaurant received many positive reviews from friends and bloggers. The restaurant is called Marutama Ramen and they opened another outlet in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang some time ago.
marutama ramen shop malaysia
The brand comes from Japan and they are the pioneer of using chicken soup based for ramen. Yes, you read it right, chicken soup based and not pork soup based like the other popular Japanese ramen restaurants. However, they offer pork in the menu so this restaurant is non-Halal.

I was there some time ago with my family and we were looking for restaurant for lunch. Since I never tasted their ramen (even their famous Fahrenheit 88 outlet), I decided to give it a try.

Marutama Cha Siu Ramen (RM 26)
marutama cha siu ramen
Marutama Tan Men Kakuni Ramen comes with 4 pieces of char siew pork belly, seaweed and spring onion. One of the main reasons I like the ramen here is the chicken based soup. It is not as thick as the pork based soup and I love the taste too. I don’t mind the generous amount of 4 pieces of char siew pork belly too.

Marutama Tan Men Kakuni Ramen (RM 27.5)
marutama tan men kakuni ramen
Marutama Tan Men Kakuni Ramen is chicken based soup ramen with six types of vegetables and pork belly. This type of ramen is heavier than the Marutama Cha Siu Ramen but if you like the big fat piece of pork belly and the harmony of six types of vegetables, you go for this. Like I said before, I love their chicken based soup.
marutama fried shallots
I have no complaints on their excellent service. Please bear in mind this is not an invited, sponsored or paid post unlike many other blogs you read out there. I don’t mind the unlimited crunchy fried shallots even I know they are not low in calories. The truth is I enjoyed my meal there with my family.

This is not a sponsored post.

Marutama Ramen @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Location, Address and Phone:

Marutama Ramen, LG26, Lower Floor,

Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-5621 0073

GPS Coordinates: 3.082033, 101.583200

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