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Ka-Nom Fashion Bakery Egg Tarts Bangkok

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Ka-Nom Fashion Bakery Egg Tarts Bangkok

This is another hidden gem in Bangkok. While shopping in Central Plaza Rama 9, a small bakery caught my attention. It is located in the shopping complex and ground floor if not mistaken.
ka-nom bangkok central plaza rama 9
Ka-Nom offers a variety of desserts. This is definitely the place for those who has sweet tooth. However, I saw many people queuing up for one type of dessert.
ka-nom fashion bakery egg tarts
It is their egg tarts. You know they are top sellers when they occupied most of the spaces at the stall. There are two versions, the mini and the normal size egg tarts. To be frank, you smell the aroma of the freshly baked egg tarts and that’s why I joined the queue to taste these adorable egg tarts.
ka-nom bangkok egg tarts
The egg tarts do not come cheap. It is 20 Baht for the small one and 45 Baht of the large one. I enjoyed the egg tarts, they are tasty. No wonder so many people queue up for this. Will try again next time in Bangkok.

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