May 28, 2022

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Supper at 9 Noodle House Haymarket

Where to supper in Sydney CBD? In my last trip to Sydney, I stumbled upon this restaurant by chance. The restaurant is called 9 Noodle House and it is located at Goulburn Street, Haymarket. Initially, we wanted to visit a nearby Chinese restaurant but they closed at 10 pm so we went to look around for supper.
9 noodle house haymarket
The founding store Lao Fu Qing located in Ashfield has been established for over 5 years and with success over the years has inspired the owners to expand to open this restaurant as I read from their website.
9 noodle house haymarket interior
The interior of the restaurant is a beauty. Check out the design and concept of the interior and I wasn’t the one taking pictures of it. The waitress recommended a few signature dishes and we just wanted to get a quick supper after flying in straight from Kuala Lumpur.

Guilin Stir Noodles with BBQ Pork $13.80
9 noodle house guilin stir noodles
This is their signature dish, the Guilin stir noodles with BBQ pork. Well, it is a simple dish but this is delicious especially the noodles. My mother loves this noodle very much.

Noodles Soup with Pork Ribs in Hot Chilli Bean Sauce $14.80
9 noodle house Noodles Soup with Pork Ribs in Hot Chilli
This is noodle soup with pork ribs in hot chili bean sauce. You will love the big portion of this noodle and their spicy hot chilli bean sauce as it compliments each other.

Xiao Long Bau $9.80  Steamed Bun stuffed with Juicy Pork (8 pcs)
9 noodle house xiao long bao
Lastly, we have xiao long bao or they called it steamed bun stuffed with juicy pork. I love the juicy soup inside the bun and this is a light supper for us for our first night in Sydney.

9 Noodle House is the right place for supper, we enjoyed the noodles and they close really late during weekends possibly for party goers.

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Monday-Thursday, Sunday (11:30am-12:00am)

Friday (11:30am-04:00am)

Saturday (11:30am-05:30am)

Supper at 9 Noodle House Haymarket Address and Telephone:

17-19 Goulburn St,Haymarket NSW 2000.

T: +612 9281 5325


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