February 1, 2023

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Lundang To Newcastle Preview by Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has increasingly popular with its series of short videos posted on social media networks such as Facebook and Youtube. They have created quite a few videos for their social media which is tastefully produced with great contents.

Two of the recent social media video productions include “Terbang” and “Blessings” and they were huge hits. “Terbang” scores over half a million views on Youtube while “Blessings” hits 1.6 million views. “Blessings” is a short video created for this year’s Chinese New Year and it is a great hit.

All of the short videos are not just beautifully done but also creative in the content promoting the Malaysian multiracial culture. There are hidden meanings in both “Terbang” and “Blessings” and I loved both videos.

Come 24th May, prepare yourself with another beautiful story titled “Lundang to Newcastle”. This short film “Lundang to Newcastle” is a love story about a young couple; a Malaysian-UK born guy who lives in Newcastle, London and a girl who is from Lundang, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The film is narrated through actual people’s interviews from their parents, friends and the young couple who tell the story about their relationship and the meaning of home in Malaysia.

Each day, Malaysia Airlines flies an average of 45,000 guests, many of whom fly on MH from overseas to get to Malaysia.  Most importantly, they fly our fellow Malaysians to return to their homeland.

On the personal note, I can’t wait for the premier of this short film. I know this will be a touching love story but hoping for some surprises in the movie.

Malaysia Airlines’ Social Media team has posted a preview of the full film. Check out 3 snippets of 15 second teasers on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNy5zam1rf6_ZdTnyxzyq4kD3d-29RDpd

Remember to stay tuned for the full film of “Lundang to Newcastle”. Coming soon!


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