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Malaysia’s Top Foodie with Most Followers

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Malaysia’s Top Foodie with Most Followers

What is a foodie? OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNER’S DICTIONARY defines foodie as a person who is very interested in cooking and eating different kinds of food. In short, foodie can be a chef or can be someone who enjoys food.
malaysia top foodie
When it comes to Malaysia’s Top Foodie, many will think of food bloggers. Top food bloggers in Malaysia are KampungBoyCitygal, Vkeong, KYspeaks, CK Lam, J2KFM, EatDrinkKL, Bangsar Babe and many more. However, when it comes to Malaysia’s Top Foodie with Most Followers, the person is not a food blogger, not a celebrity chef but a food artist.
samantha lee
Her name is Samantha Lee and yes she is a Malaysian. Her Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/iamleesamantha) has around 92k followers and her Instagram Page (https://instagram.com/leesamantha) has around 692k followers and she has been featured by Instagram itself and her blog is http://www.leesamantha.com/
samantha lee creating food art
She is a mom (hard to believe right) with two daughters. Well, I met her once during an event and she is a humble and friendly person. She is very creative and imaginative and her food art is very detail. Since I witnessed her creating food art live, I must say it is not easy at all. From sketches to creating and implementing the food art is not just the work of mind but also the skills of the hands.
samantha lee wilson
So who is Malaysia’s Top Foodie with Most Followers? Her name is Samantha Lee and she has followers of almost 800 thousand with her Instagram and Facebook Page. Remember, foodie is a person who is interested in food, not limited to taste them but to creates them as well.

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