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Restoran Wong Poh Seafood Restaurant

Restoran Wong Poh is not a new seafood restaurant and it has been there for years. Located at 36 & 38, Jalan BM 1/2, 47301, Petaling Jaya, I went to the restaurant many times and I thought I blogged about this restaurant before.
restoran wong poh pj
Restoran Wong Poh is famous for its signature butter crabs. That was the main reason I visited this restaurant many years ago and it remains the top dish until today.

I revisited the restaurant again with my friends. They have air conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms, we prefer the air conditioned rooms. The interior is the typical Chinese restaurant with white neon light, white tiles, wooden tables with large red cloth and chairs and this is not your typical candle light dinner type of ambience. Bring your partner here, for the food.

We started off our dinner with Stir Fried Potato Leaf.
restoran wong poh stir fried potato leaf
This is a typical Chinese dish, nothing to shout about.

Lala with Superior Soup
restoran wong poh lala with superior soup
This is another Malaysian Chinese favourite, la la (a type of shell fish) with superior soup. The taste is simple and it brings comfort for the tummy.

Salted Duck Egg Calamari Rings
restoran wong poh salted duck egg calamari rings
Asians love salted duck egg but it doesn’t go well with Westerners. We usually have it with rice porridge but when you stir fried it with calamari rings, it elevates it to another level.

Calamari rings deep fried to perfection coated with salted duck egg, it is flavourful and very addictive.

Sweet and Sour Crabs
restoran wong poh crab with sweet and sour sauce
Wong Poh is popular with its crab dishes and sweet and sour crabs is one of them. Usually we order this and compliment the sauce with either steam or deep fried “mantou” (Chinese bun).

Cheesy Crabs
restoran wong poh crab cheesy crab
Okay, this is my first time ordering Cheesy Crabs but it doesn’t get really cheesy as we thought. Instead the taste is similar to their Signature Butter Crabs. The taste is not too bad but just missing the strong flavours of cheese we expected.

The crowd is still there and the crabs are still very enjoyable. Dinner crowds are still strong and weekends are usually packed. The prices are “PJ” prices but it won’t burn a hole in your wallet for sure.


Restoran Wong Poh Address, GPS  and Telephone:

36 & 38, Jalan BM 1/2, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-7803 3527

GPS: 3.124100, 101.595486

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