April 24, 2024


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Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Review

The weather has been really hot. I heard on radio that the heatwave will continues till late August. That’s why I always keep myself hydrated with water. One of my favourite brands for mineral water is Spritzer. From their day one till now, I am still their loyal customer.

spritzer dispenser and bottle
One of their latest products is the Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size. The beauty of the Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series is hassle free. Gone are the days where we need to wait for our kettles to whistle or the electric kettle to boil. The dispenser needs electricity to heat up the water or without just for room temperature mineral water.
Friendly in size, friendly to use, as well as eco-friendly, the Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series is perfect for small spaces, and it comes with 4 different colours to suite with your interior design as well. (Two options, mini and hot & warm, each comes in 4 different colours).
spritzer bottle
The bottles are designed to fit nicely on all types of water dispensers and the bottles have non-spill caps with easy tear handle to prevent unnecessary spills on the floor.
You don’t need many people to carry the bottles as they are light-weight and ecological friendly. Again, it is easy handling, as it does not require too much man efforts to carry the bottle. The bottles are 50% less PET(polyethylene) material usage compared with the typical 5 gallon bottle hence they are more environmental friendly.
The bottles are readily available in supermarkets and hypermarkets so you don’t worry of stock availability. In addition, Spritzer is also providing hassle-free water delivery services to those of you who are staying in Klang Valley, which does not require any deposit. Aside from that, the bottles are also suitable to fit all types of dispensers, and they are light-weight and eco-friendly too. You may purchase the bottles at the e-shop here: http://www.spritzer.com.my/shop/.
spritzer ready to use
I use the dispenser at my home and I put it on my second floor. It is good for my son as I need hot and warm water for his milk. It is really convenient and most important save time and electricity bill. Thus, Spritzer is using natural mineral water sourced from Taiping, Perak. Mineral water is definitely better than filtered water.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to get this actually! But I’m super curious to find out how does the water ‘heats up’. Since it doesn’t use electricity (I presume), does it use batteries instead? :O

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