February 9, 2023

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Talad Rod Fai Train Market 2 at Ratchada Bangkok

There are two talad rod fai or train market in Bangkok. The first one was closed down last year and moved to Srinakarin, Srinakarin Soi 51, Srinakarin Road behind Seacon Square (a huge shopping mall) and a brand new second train market at Ratchada behind Esplanade.

This is way easier to go than the Talad Rod Fai Train Market in Srinakarin. Trust me because I went to both train markets. The Train Market in Ratchada is just 5 minutes of walking from the MRT Train Station while the one in Srinakarin, you have to take a taxi for around 100 Baht and it is quite far away from the city. It is bigger but it takes lots of time.

Just take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station. I am sure everyone is comfortable enough with traveling in MRT in Bangkok.

Once you reach Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station, exit at EXIT no 3. There are signs in the stations.

You reach the main street when you exit the station, turn left and you will see the Esplanade Mall.

You can either take a left turn (before the mall) and walk for 50m and the market will be on your left or you can go thru Esplanade Mall and take the back exit and the market is 10m away.

The market is not as small as I read from other reviews or websites. It is definitely smaller than the Rod Fai in Srinakarin.

The train market is popular with its antique shops and there are quite a few antique shops in Rod Fai Market 2 too.


This is one for the antique shops that caught my attention. They have really old school and vintage toys that is so rare and hard to find. However, I am not sure about the prices though.


If you are not a big fan of antique, you can go for shopping for clothes.

You can find clothes, food, accessories, antiques and some 2nd hand stuffs such as shoes.


Ladies shoes at very reasonable prices.




Cute character painted money banks.


2nd hand shoes for those who are into vintage shoes. Most of them are restored.


This barber is popular as there is a queue for it.
Thus, there are many cool pubs and restaurants you should check out in this market.

The reason of this Talad Rod Fai 2 is the success of the Talad Rod Fai first market and the owners decided to open a second one in Ratchada and much accessible than the first one.

The market is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 5pm till 1am but I recommend you to come around 7 to 8 pm, as they will take some time to open their stalls from 5 pm. The best way to reach here is via MRT at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station.

For convenience, I will prefer to visit Talad Rod Fai 2 Market even though it is smaller. The market is a cool place to visit as it is cooler at night and there are plenty of things to shop. You can bargain in this market but most of the items are quite reasonable. The variety of the food is better than Talad Rod Fai market. Otherwise, you can eat the fast food at The Esplanade.

How to go to Talad Rod Fai Market 2:

Take MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station. Take Exit no 3 and take left turn and you will see the Esplanade building. The Talad Rod Fai Market 2 is behind Esplanade.

Rod Fai Market 2 Opening days and hours:

Friday to Sunday

5 pm to 1 am.

GPS: 13.766621, 100.568849

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