May 31, 2023

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My Mid-Life Crisis

40’s is approaching and I’m starting to get a little worried about my hair. Lately I’ve noticed most of my friends’ hairs have already starting to form an ‘island’ on top of their heads.

Being fearful of ending up just like them, I decided to get a scalp check-up at Yun Nam Hair Care before anything happens to my precious mane.  You know how we get medical check-up for our bodies, for our teeth, but just not our hair? So what better way but to seek the professionals? Plus the outlet was near my office. The perception of Yun Nam Hair Care is that it is only for those with hair loss or balding problems. I had to admit that I have that perception too, so I was quite surprised with what I found out during my appointment.  

The Consultation 


A professional consultant first greeted me and explained that she will be inspecting my scalp. I was given a detailed walkthrough on my lifestyle and certain habits that may cause hair loss. 

What I like about the consultant here was her honesty. She was not pushy and did not keep asking me to buy their products but instead gave me a professional opinion about my scalp. Did you know that your scalp can be older than you actually are? Find out the real age of your scalp HERE.

Thank god! There were only signs of dandruff, so I didn’t need an intensive overall hair treatment. I decided to get their signature Herbalogy treatment that can help to clear my dandruff and maintain healthy scalp condition. For the next session, I was ushered into the treatment room.  




The Treatment  

My scalp pampering session began with Yun Nam’s Ginseng shampoo rubdown > head massage > spray on a herbal formula that functions to balance the pH of my scalp> hair rinse


And now, the main secret to Yun Nam’s success… Their signature Herbalogy treatment! The consultant applied a combination of specially selected herbs according to my scalp condition.   I could really feel the herbal formula acting on the scalp as there was this slightly warm feeling on my head. It was as if my scalp was absorbing the nutrients from the herbs!


After I was given a head massage to improve blood circulation, I could still feel the warm sensation which lasted for about 10 minutes. I simply loveeee their Pressure-Point massage which was so relaxing. My head felt much lighter and less tensed, given that I had been very stressed lately with my tight schedule and constant travelling.   I was then asked to sit back and relax as the herbs need to be left on my scalp for another 30 minutes for optimum results > wash off > > blow dry > second scan.


The Result 

And now for the results! After a second scan of my scalp, I noticed the difference and pictures paint a thousand words because the dandruff that clogged up my scalp were GONE!

I’m really impressed with the results even after one session. Look at how clean my scalp looks! And I feel much relieved after that comfortable scalp massage.

I was given a take home hair care kit to maintain the wellness of my scalp. I will definitely go back again one day as I don’t want to look like Vin Diesel for now.   Throughout my experience in Yun Nam Hair Care, I really enjoyed their fast paced services. Everything was done systematically and I learned so much about my scalp and hair. I also like the attitude of the consultants for not pushing some of their products just for sale. Instead, a professional advice is given.

I’m sure you guys out there are also worried about your hair fall. Don’t be shy to admit that you need help, as I was. Yun Nam is offering a limited promotion for only 200 customers. Click HERE to redeem your FREE Scalp Check and Hair Treatment. First 100 early birds will receive a BONUS hair tonic!


So don’t miss their special once-in-a-blue-moon promotion and take the first step towards having thicker hair.


If we can take the time to have body check-ups, what’s keeping YOU from getting a hair check-up? Prevention is always better than cure.


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