February 9, 2023

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Access Your Files Easily with WD My Cloud EX4

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Access Your Files Easily with WD My Cloud EX4

Do you encounter having storage issues with your smartphone? Or do you wish to be able to access all your files everywhere in the world with just your smartphone? Would you rather bring along external hard drives or even a laptop when you can access your files easily and present it through a tab?

Well, the solution to this is cloud storage. We are living in a digital age now and I am pretty sure many people are aware what cloud storage is. There are plenty of cloud storage options for smartphones, such as iCloud for iPhone users or Dropbox for Samsung smartphone users. Of course these are free but there are limitations such as available storage size, you may even need to pay in order to have additional storage for some cloud storage providers.

Many cloud storage offers security against hacking or information sharing but it is not idiot proof. Last year, hundreds of personal photos of Hollywood celebrities were hacked in iCloud and shared on Internet. Those are pictures but how about important files?

For that, I was introduced to WD My Cloud EX4, my personal cloud storage. It is not just a private cloud storage but also a very safe storage.

The WD My Cloud EX4 is a four-bay hard drives enclosure. I set up the drives to RAID 1 so that when my primary hard drive fails, I will have another back up hard drive to store my data. In layman terms, there are two set of hard disks and both sets of hard drives will store the same data so the second hard drive will function as a ‘mirror’ of the first hard disk. I may lose out on disk space but my files will be safe. If by any chance the primary hard drive is corrupted, a warning notice on the little cute LCD panel will light up.

The other important thing about the WD MY Cloud EX4 is it is simple to set up. You do not need a degree in IT to set up the My Cloud EX4. If you have any problems, just contact WD’s support center any time.

Extensive data protection! This is another important feature of the WD My Cloud EX4. Why leave your files on public cloud storage when you can store it in a private cloud storage that is yours to control. To make things more interesting, you can even assign folders for your staffs, colleagues or family members to view the files wherever they are.

In order to be able to access files anywhere, you will need to connect WD My Cloud EX4 to a router. You can access files via the WD My Cloud App on your smartphone, tab, laptop or even desktop. Just a few clicks away and you can begin accessing your files. It is as simple as ABC.

Hence, if you want to present some files, you can access them easily with your smartphone or laptop via WIFI.

Or if you do not have enough storage on your smartphone, you can easily back your files unto the WD My Cloud EX4 using mobile data or WIFI wherever you are in the world!

I believe that we should keep our files in our secret vault rather than risking it at public cloud storage. Why risk it when you can keep it?

Find out more on WD My Cloud EX4 at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1170

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