July 14, 2024


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GrabCar Luxury Limousine in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We live in the digital world and things we do nowadays we do it digitally. Same goes in booking a ride. Taking a taxi in Kuala Lumpur is easy but for them to use the meter is tough. I am not bias but that is the truth. Thus, I prefer to book my ride with the mobile app, GrabCar.

grabcar luxury limo times square
The white limo showed up in Berjaya Times Square and it was a suprise for us!

I was introduced to GrabCar in Bangkok Thailand a few months ago. I was having tough time getting a taxi ride from Pratunam to my friend’s place so she booked a GrabCar for me. Since then, I got to know that Grabcar is from a Malaysian own company which also owns the taxi booking app, MyTeksi.

Last week, I book a ride from Berjaya Times Square with my family as I was lazy to drive and to our surprise, a white limo (limousine) showed up. This is a proper limo and it is by Chrysler. I never seen this limo in Malaysia so it was a big surprised for us. In actual it created a scene as everyone else was curious which the limo picked us up as if we were VVIP (very very important person). Everyone at Berjaya Times Square was snapping picture of the limo and we went into the limo like a boss!

grabcar luxury limo wefie
The limo is a big surprise for my family and I. We took this picture when the car is not moving and yes we do fasten our seatbelts.

The interior of the limo is huge and it can fit a party of people. I can imagine taking this limo n Las Vegas like my parents did but it is such unbelievable to get the ride from GrabCar.

Thanks to the driver, I manage to take a video of my experience with Grabcar limo and of course I took a couple of pictures too.

grabcar luxury limo chrysler

We were at Berjaya Times Square celebrating my brother’s birthday with a simple lunch and I think the limo is the icing on top of the cake.

grabcar luxury limo interior leather bench

Thank you GrabCar for the limo ride and it was hell an experience. My family and I enjoyed the ride very much and now my parents know what GrabCar is.

grabcar luxury limo chrysler back

Remember to download the GrabCar app to your mobile and you might be the lucky one like me!

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