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iPhone 6S Review: 10 Things You Should Know About iPhone 6s

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iPhone 6S Review: 10 Things You Should Know About iPhone 6s

Wonder how to be the first to get to review the iPhone6s? What my friend did was unimagineable. CookieCoffee.com my blogger friend from Thailand, flew from Bangkok to Tokyo to be the first Thai to review the iPhone6s. Thus, he is currently in Tokyo right now and testing his new iPhone6s 16GB.


In his blog at http://www.cookiecoffee.com/mobile/78564/iphone-6s-plus-thai-blogger-review-first-tokyo-japan, he wrote about his experience and review on the new iPhone 6s.


There are  10 Things You Should Know About iPhone 6s based on his review

  1. The Speed of iPhone 6s

In typical applications, iPhone 6S was not much different from iPhone 6.


  1. Touch ID

Using the same App delay, the Touch ID’s pretty obvious that this is probably faster than double!


  1. iPhone 6S 16GB Storage

iPhone 6S 16GB comes with the actual use of the remaining 11.8 GB.

  1. Video and Games for iPhone 6S 16GB

The 16GB is definitely not good for videos and games. The 16GB storage will be a pain for videos and games.


  1. iPhone 6S Image File Size

The File size in MB image from the camera is larger than the iPhone 6 iPhone 6S little, only about 15% in size.

For example, if the images taken with the iPhone 6 are 2.8 MB, the same image from camera iPhone 6S is about 3.2 MB.


  1. Shutter Speed ​​

Shutter Speed ​​of the iPhone 6S is not faster than iPhone 6.


  1. iPhone 6S Resolution

It is the same screen, the size / brightness / resolution and colour. There is no upgrade.


  1. 3D Touch

The pressure for the 3D Touch is very weird (probably for newbies).

Click it a little, but the screen did not move any all but if push too hard or too long, it may become pressing. [Imagine Icon on the Home screen, press and hold for a long time, it becomes a move]. It may take some time to get used to it.


  1. Camera Mode Slow Motion 

Camera Mode can slow [SloMo] / camera [Selfie] or Video camera immediately.

[It makes life a lot easier, especially with the iPhone 6S Plus with bigger screen].


  1. Battery of iPhone 6S and use it constantly, unlike the iPhone 6.

[Simple test with Normal Mode, Flight Mode, and the battery is still the same].

The battery life of iPhone 6S did not improve.


In short, iPhone 6S is not much different than iPhone 6. The price for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are way pricey than its predecessor in Malaysia.


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