February 1, 2023

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The Chicken McNuggets Connection

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The Chicken McNuggets Connection

We are living in the digital age right now. It is happening and it has been part of our life. Who is not connected to any social media platform or mobile chat apps nowadays?

In fact, the first thing you do every morning is to check your mobile phone even before you have your breakfast. We are too indulged in social media platform until we forget some of the basic necessities in life, connecting and sharing.

What is the easiest way to connect and share?

How about sharing a box of Chicken McNuggets with family & friends. Now it comes with two new sauces – creamy French Cheese & sweet Honey Mustard! Dip ‘em & Share ‘em!

Recently, I brought my family to McDonald’s for lunch. It was my two years old son, Zen H’s first time visiting McDonalds!

Zen H has been always picky about food but when we introduced the Chicken McNuggets to him, he absolutely loved it! It was a big surprise as he picked his first chicken McNugget and ate it by himself. The reason why he loved the nugget so much is because the texture of the nugget is soft and the taste is good too.

If you watch the video, he even shared with mummy! Now that is what sharing and family connection is all about.

For more information on the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets’ Dip ‘Em Share ‘Em campaign and promotion, do check out McDonald’s Malaysia website at http://www.mcdonalds.com.my/promotion or their Facebook page at www.fb.com/My.McDonalds

Now let’s share the love through this comforting food!


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