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Tokyo Banana Ingredients in English

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Tokyo Banana Ingredients in English

We love Tokyo Banana. Tokyo Banana is a savoury dessert only available in Tokyo, Japan. You can’t find Tokyo Banana in other cities like Nagoya, Osaka or Hokkaido. If you travel to Tokyo and you have not tasted Tokyo Banana then your trip to the city is incomplete.

tokyo banana japan

Tokyo Banana is a banana shape sponge cake with delicious banana cream filling. It is soft on the outer layer while the banana cream filling is not too sweet and fragrant with natural banana flavour. Many tourists including locals go crazy with Tokyo Banana.

We wrote about an article about Tokyo Banana a few months ago whether it is considered Halal or not but we couldn’t get the exact ingredients translated to English. Recently, our friend Kumiko in Japan helped us to translate the ingredients from Japanese to English.

tokyo banana three flavours

This is the ingredients for the normal Tokyo Banana and not the variant flavours.

tokyo banana ingredients

The information is as follows:

Tokyo Banana



Tokyo Banana

  • Banana cream (starch syrup, banana paste, skimmed milk powder, sugar, banana puree, vegetable oil, egg yolk, flour, gelatin, liquor), eggs, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, dried egg white, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids) emulsifier (soy-derived), baking powder, sorbitol, aroma essence, acetic acid (Na), carotene pigment,


No matter what the ingredients are we still love Tokyo Banana.

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  1. Tokyo banana is also available at Kansai Airport Osaka at international departures after immigration clearance.

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