February 2, 2023

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YUBISO Opens in IOI City Mall Malaysia

YUBISO the Tokyo based store (as claimed on their website) just open its first store in Malaysia in IOI City Mall. It is their first store in Malaysia and we heard that they are opening more stores in Malaysia. The YUBISO store is located at LOT LG-97, IOI City Mall.

*After we posted this story, we received messages from friends in Tokyo stating there are NO YUBISO stores in Japan and their official Japanese website is weird (wrong Japanese words and grammar mistakes). This might not be a Japan company as it claims. *

What is YUBISO?

This cute purses are only RM 10 each.

It is a goods fashion designer company in Japan headquarter at Tokyo. YUBISO offers quality, fashion and LOW PRICE. By mass producing their products, they manage to get their cost low to sell cheap.

How cheap is cheap? In Japan YUBISO items are priced from 100 Yen and above and in Malaysia the items are priced from RM 5. Yes, it is similar concept with Daiso but they are selling more designer products.

Most of the products are priced at RM 5, some at RM 10 to RM 50. It depends on products.

They have beauty products as well as tech gadgets such as powerbanks.

Beautiful Yubiso pouches.

This block toys are very good for my children and they are priced at RM 15 only.

I love their concept and you can find many items very beautifully designed and not to mention their beautiful packaging too.

We bought quite a number of items on our first visit. Thus, this is a small store and hope they going to open a bigger store somewhere in Klang Valley. We will come back again for sure for more budget shopping.

YUBISO IOI City Mall Address:

LOT LG-97, IOI City Mall

62502 Putrajaya, Selangor

Website: http://www.yubiso.jp/

4 thoughts on “YUBISO Opens in IOI City Mall Malaysia

  1. Hello to you,
    I bought on 16.1.2016 a yubiso power bank with 10.000mAh capacity.
    Outside specification said 3 outputs, one with 1A output, 2 outputs 2A each.
    One the device was printed at the bottom:
    3× 1A outputs.
    So I claimed the same day and after a short discussion I got my refund.
    Please be careful while buying and comparing the specifications outside and inside.
    Greetings, Thomas

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