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Australian Dairy Company Hong Kong

When it comes to traveling to Hong Kong, food is always part of the itinerary. There are many types of food available in Hong Kong, from street food to established Michelin Starred restaurants. Thus, you will be spoilt with choices.

In terms of local food, one of the highest recommendations is their “char chan teng” restaurant. Char chan teng restaurant offers three meals a day from breakfast till late and there are thousands of them in Hong Kong. The concept is touch and go, fast and easy local food. It is usually cheaper than fast food and you can find local’s favourites such as eggs, toast and macaroni.

australia dairy co hong kong

If you talk about popular char chan teng, Australian Dairy Company is definitely one of the top on our list. They are located at 47 Parkes Street and next to another popular restaurant for its wonton noodle, Mak Mun Kee. They are just a stone throw away from Jordan MTR Station Exit C2 and they are very easy to located by looking at the long queues in front of their restaurant.

They offer set meals or ala carte menus. For set menu, there are the breakfast set (till noon), lunch set (from noon) and tea set whole day.

Australia Dairy Company Set Menu Prices:

Breakfast set (till noon) HK$ 32 (add HK$ 2 for cold drinks)

Lunch set (from noon)    HK$ 38 (add HK$ 2 for cold drinks)

Tea Set whole day           HK$ 32 (add HK$ 2 for cold drinks)

What to order?

australia dairy co hong kong milk tea

For starter, the Hong Kong style milk tea is a must. Their version of milk tea comes with a strong flavour of tea and it is less sweet. That’s why you can find sugar on the table in most char chan teng restaurants. It is up to you to add sugar to match the sweetness of Malaysia’s milk tea.

australia dairy co hong kong ham toast

Ham and Egg Toast is another popular char chan teng food. It is a simple food but yet delicious. The bread is lightly toasted with ham and egg sandwich.

australia dairy co hong kong scrambled eggs

Their version of Scrambled Egg is to die for. This is a very tasty scrambled egg and you can lightly sprinkle some salt and pepper to season it.

australia dairy co hong kong french toast

My favourite is their French Toast. It comes with a big chunk of butter sitting nicely on top of the toast while this greasy, sweet and addictive.

australia dairy co milk and egg pudding

Lastly, we ordered their famous egg and milk pudding. If you ask me to choose between the egg or milk pudding, I always prefer the milk pudding. Thus, this is a must order but the best is still from Yee Shun of Macau.

We didn’t order their popular soup macaroni with ham as personally I don’t like the combination. You can find simple char chan teng food in Australian Dairy Company. The queue is long and the service is fast and unbelievable. Right after you order, within one minute your food will be served. Remember, sharing table is a common practise in Hong Kong as most restaurants have limited spaces due high rental. It is definitely worth to pay a visit to Australian Dairy Company. I will definitely go back again.




Australian Dairy Company

47 Parkes Street, Hong Kong

Daily (except Thursday): 7.30am – 11pm

GPS: 22.304583, 114.170586

0 thoughts on “Australian Dairy Company Hong Kong

  1. The name of the eatery threw me off a bit but the food looks totally Hongkie. That’s the kind of food I like. Thanks for giving tips on how to get there.

  2. The first time I saw the name of the shop I thought that it should be famous dairy product from Australia that is just happen to be famous in HK. But as I read through, it get more interesting when it practices the HK type of local foods. Foods serve within a min? I’m going!

  3. A fast service in restaurants is definitely one I would look for during my travels. Impressive that your order arrived in just a minute. We should have that kinda service here in Malaysia.

  4. Great option for a quick meal especially if you are the kind who can’t miss breakfast. HAHA, you are not the only one who finds macaroni and ham weird but think the honkiees seems to like them because their McD menu also have something similar.

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