January 31, 2023

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Star Wars Invades Changi Airport Singapore

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Star Wars Invades Changi Airport Singapore

This is probably one of the best campaign by an Airport. What is the biggest hit of the year? Star Wars! We have seen Uniqlo did a collaboration with Star Wars and most of the Star Wars are sold out.

Hasbro is teaming up with Disney to sell Star Wars new product line and some of the popular models didn’t even survive on the toy shelf for a day. The Star Wars frenzy is real and using this opportunity Changi Airport in Singapore brought the storm.

Star Wars invades Changi Airport with style. It started off with the Star Wars ANA aircraft and also armies of Star Wars Imperial forces and rebellions.

We were not invited for the launch but thank to our friend Alex Ortega, we have the pictures. I met Alex during a media trip to Melbourne last year sponsored by Samsung. He is a very good photographer, a good mentor and a very good friend.

Alex caught by the Storm Troopers in Changi Airport.


You can follow him on Facebook for his beautiful pictures taken with either smartphone or camera at https://www.facebook.com/ortega.sg

All the Star Wars in Changi Airport are his pictures and thank you Alex for your generous offer for us to use your pictures.

The Star Wars in Changi Airport will be happening from 12th Nov 2015 to 22 Feb 2016. You can find life size Star Wars TIE Fighter and X Wing in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. This is a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with life size Star Wars TIE Fighter and X Wing.

I hope to visit them soon. May the Force be with You.

This is not a sponsored post.

19 thoughts on “Star Wars Invades Changi Airport Singapore

  1. OH MAI GAWD. I WANNA BE AT CHANGI AIRPORT NOW. Seriously can’t wait for the movie to be out. Wanna know if Luke is the good guy or the new evil lord 😛

  2. wah, so happening you went all the way there! My friend helped me to record live since they started building. Amazing how Star wars is still loved by many after all these years! I can finally geek out without people judging me lol.

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