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Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Post Your Family Dramas on Facebook

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Post Your Family Dramas on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to tell your story, post pictures and share stories online. It is a great way connecting people, friends and families. We have been posting many pictures and stories on our Facebook Page for years and we have been getting many good feedbacks from our followers. Hence, that is also the reason we are more active on Facebook than our Instagram.

We love Facebook and we also like to tell our stories online. However good or bad, we post online without realizing the consequences. Hence, we have seen many dramas and fights online especially on Facebook.

We have seen many friends or even families posting their family dramas on Facebook. Is it worth it to share this kind of stories on Facebook?

From our opinion, let use share the Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Post Your Family Dramas on Facebook.


  1. The Shaming Glory

This is real. For some people, they feel that shaming their own family members is glory.

Is there a glory shaming your own family?

It is probably the work of rage for someone to post something like that on Facebook. We have seen many using Facebook as a platform to vent their anger and shaming the other person.

Blood is thicker than water. If there is some dramas happened at home, it should stay at home and by ranting on Facebook, the consequences are far worse than the drama itself and that’s why you need to keep on reading.



  1. Facebook is Social Media Network

Many have forgotten that Facebook is a social media network or social media platform. Social media means it can spread fast like wildfire.

Even though you limit the visibility to your friends, some could just screen captured it and share it. When it goes viral, it reaches hundreds and thousands.

Is it glory to let the whole knows about your family drama? Think again.


  1. Keyboard Warriors: Friends or Foes?

Many posted on Facebook to find “justice” so everyone can comment and help him or her on their family drama. Is this really the “justice” you are looking for?

For true friends, we believe that they will call you rather than commenting on your Facebook post. For keyboard warriors, it is “popcorn time” to post great or ridiculous comments.

Not all comments are useful and some just want to add more oil to fire to see how bad your family drama can go.

Have you ever thought that whether your friends are really your friends or actually foes in disguise? By venting your family dramas on Facebook, you are letting your guards down and letting them taking advantage of you in dark. Is it really worth it?


  1. Online Portals

Online portals are real and there are quite a number of them. We shall not name them but they will take every opportunity to find “dramas” on Facebook to make it viral.

Once an online portal makes it viral, the rest will follow. No news can sell more than “dramas”, this is real.

You do not want the whole knows your family dramas as you might be finger pointed in public?


  1. Never Wash Your Dirty Linen in Public

It is true and never wash your dirty linen in public. We are not saints and we have our own family dramas too. Sometimes, do not let rage or your emotions control your actions.

The consequences of posting your family dramas do not limit to the four reasons above. The drama can spread to work and sometimes even the colleagues will know such things. Not all bosses like to hear their own staffs or colleagues having dramas in workplace. This could undermine his or her working performance at workplace too. Yeah, maybe it is not as damaging as it is but can you assure that it will not affect his position and his image at workplace? Worst still if the clients read about the dramas, it will be more embarrassing. Yeah, even you are the “hero” of the whole situation but people will still talk about you. Is it glory you are looking for?

In family, it takes time to build relationship, trust and love. Sometimes, mistakes are done and things happened. Sit together and solved it together. Even it is not solved, ranting online or Facebook is still not the way to do it.

There are many people who enjoys the “popcorn time” watching your family dramas on Facebook. It is entertainment for some so please think carefully before posting any family dramas on Facebook.

The story above does not reflect on any of our friends or families dramas online. We just hope that we can keep Facebook a family drama-less platform. Comments and opinions are appreciated.


0 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Post Your Family Dramas on Facebook

  1. Oh god. Seriously, please share this more. Facebook is not a place to air your dirty laundry. No one needs it. Seriously.

  2. I totally agree with you. Sometimes we forget that it is open for the world to read and even if we want to share on Facebook, we should set the settings to private or only to a certain group. Ironically, there are people who can also comment if we don’t share about our lives online.

  3. I totally agree with you. Not only their family drama but also the too lovey-dovey messages from boyfriend /girlfriend / husband/ wife. Personal things are best shared offline

  4. I don’t know why some people love to post their family, friends or their relationship drama on FB. It does not solve the matter but make it worst. If you have problem with that person by all means go face to face and solve it.

    I hope more with spread positivity vibes than try to make others down.

  5. Absolutely.. I agree on this… sometimes it is so shocking when others try to embarrass or air their dirty laundry in public over social media ….they don’t seem to think they are embarrassing themselves…

  6. Agree on this post that you have write up =D I don’t like check in to places as it could cause danger too >< I always post it after few days I went to the place. Since Facebook is a social media and privacy is really important in one person life.

  7. like that you said “do not let rage or your emotions control your actions.” this is so true.

    but sometimes i still like to post family photos to facebook. but my mom ask me not to post them~~ hmm~~

  8. Totally agree with you! Well said! Let social media be social media. This is like the case of knowing when to differentiate work, family and play. Don’t eat and shut at the same place especially when everyone can see lolxxx

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